NOAC 2009 Live!
Welcome to NOAC Live! 2009
Monday LIVE!


Preserving the Order's PastPreserving the Order's Past
The Digital Archive Committee scans and preserves historical artifacts for future generations of Arrowmen. Read about what the committee has been busily doing this NOAC.

Alvin TownleyAlvin Townley Speaks at National Council of Chiefs
Alvin Townley, author, addressed the National Council of Chiefs discussing his latest book, Legacy of Honor. Tonwley has spent three years traveling the world to explore the impact Scouting has made on the world.


National Event Program Planning
This session provided useful information needed to properly plan and coordinate events from the chapter, lodge and section levels all the way up to national events. This session provided to those at the lodge-level great resources on how they can plan and execute a successful event.

Leadership Symposium
Several leaders of our Order share their thoughts and experiences in an open, question and answer format.

Monday Shows
If you have an interest in American Indian Culture and enjoy Indian dance, Monday's show could possibly have been your favorite show.

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