NOAC 2009 Live!
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Wednesday LIVE!


Region Gatherings Build Spirit and Fellowship
The weather finally cleared in time for Arrowmen from each of the four Regions gathered at Armstrong Stadium for fellowship and fun. The gatherings were the first of several fun events scheduled for Tuesday night.

The Grand HoDag
The HoDag is a combination county, carnival and circus all in one. There is a lot to do, a lot to see and a lot of fun!

Arrowmen from across the nation participated in the ArrowCorps5 reunion where crewmembers had the opportunity to reminisce about their ArrowCorps5 experience, meet U.S. Forestry staff and have an opportunity to purchase the ArrowCorps5 book and other memorabilia.

Getting Personal with the Central
2009 Central Region Chief Michael Beckman discusses his thoughts on the Power of One

Getting Personal with the South
Clarifying confusion about his last name with the well known actor, 2009 Southern region Chief Mark Norris gives us the first step with the Power of One.

Getting Personal with the West
Sharing some of his thoughts on being a region chief, 2009 Western Region Chief David Harrell shares memories and advice. Oh, and he leaves a lasting basketball memory for future national officers.

NOAC Live! Web Team
Wondering who brings you the NOAC Live! Web Site? Is it bunch of wizards using their computer magic or maybe it is sixteen Arrowmen who work throughout the day (and sometimes night) to capture NOAC in digital form?  Take a moment to meet each of them, all sixteen non wizards, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make NOAC Live!

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