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Mark Twain National Forest
Mark Twain National ForestJune 7-14, 2008 | Missouri

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Missouri may have only one national forest, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Mark Twain National Forest is a land of limestone mountains of surprising steepness, clear rushing streams perfect for canoeing, and a diversity of plant life as remarkable as it is interesting.

Wildflowers and wildlife are plentiful, making the forest popular with hunters, trappers, fishers, and wildlife photographers and observers. Hikers can pick and choose from one of the country's richest system of trails.

Lying mostly in the Ozark Plateau, Mark Twain is 1.5 million acres of forested area that was once given up for dead after timbering operations cleared these hills by the turn of the 20th century. Careful stewardship has brought the forest back to life, and it now holds some of the Midwest's wildest, most remote land.

How will we be organized?
Our 1000 OA members will be organizing into 10 Sections of 100 people each. Each Section will be made up of five Crews of 20 people and each Crew will be made up of Squads of 5 people. We are asking Lodges to bring squads or crews of persons 14 years or older to work the forest. There is no ratio for adults to youth although we want a strong youth contingent from each lodge.

Crews will consist of a crew leader with four "squads" of five people (all participants must be 14 or older, and adults are welcome).

Each "squad" will consist of a " Squad Leader" with 4 other participants. Each squad will have 1 Bow Saw, 2 Loppers for small branches, 2 hand saws, and a rope. Finally each section will be provided with two chainsaws.

Each participant and staff member will undergo great training to help ensure that ArrowCorps5 is a safe, enjoyable work environment. We will follow the Incident Command Structure and ICS 100 and 200 training will be provided for key staff .

Each crew leader will receive "Conservation USA" training, and "Chain Saw Certification" will be required for those operating a chain saw.

Project Description

Working in the Glade Top Trail area south of Ava, Missouri, we will remove invasive cedar trees from glade areas in the forest. Removal of these cedars removal will help restore forest natural communities.

Merit Badges, Service, and Awards

Work to earn the Forestry or Wilderness Survival Merit Badges in classes.
40 to 50 Service Hours will be counted for the participants such that they can put them toward individual advancement and the Lodges may count them toward National Service Hours.
Elements of the Hornaday Award will be available.

Recreational Opportunities

  • Silver Dollar City Theme Park Enjoy 30 fun-filled rides and attractions at Silver Dollar City Theme Park. At speeds up to 66 miles per hour, the WildFireâ„¢--a high-flying, multi-looping, cobra-rolling coaster will leave you breathless. Try the PowderKeg®, an explosive roller coaster that sends riders into a thrill zone within seconds of climbing aboard, launching from 0 to 53 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. See demonstrating craftsmen and enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants in the park.

  • White-Water Water Park Take a break and dive into an ultimate water-filled playground! With two million gallons of water-drenched indulgence, White Water water park is an aquatic oasis. Thrill lovers will find plenty of fast-paced rides and 5,000 feet of slides. Enjoy these rides and attractions plus so much more! From water-blasters, speed-slides and twisting typhoons to great geysers and lil' soakers, there are water-wonderful rides for everyone at this outdoor waterpark! Try the 7.5 story, 6-lane, multi-level thrill slide and freefall 75 feet down the 300-foot long drop slides as you body surf at speeds over 40 mph! Or earn speed-demon status when you race your friends on the 4-lane multi-drop mat racing slides, traveling over 25 mph and 312 feet to the finish line. Either way you go, you'll have a spine tingling, heart-pounding, bone-chilling, wild and wet ride to the bottom!

  • Fly Fishing Try your hand at fly fishing in a clean, cold stream stocked with mature, hard fighting Rainbow Trout. How many times do you have this kind of opportunity! Don’t pout, catch a trout!

  • Horseback Riding Enjoy trail rides on the back of a spirited horse! Ride along long forgotten logging roads from the 1700's, visit old homesteads, and experience places unreachable by motor vehicle. Traversing these backcountry trails with give you a whole new view on countryside untouched by human hands. So saddle up, relax and enjoy the ride!

  • Canoeing Float down the rivers and backchannels in the beautiful foothills of the Ozarks! This is a picturesque day trip that surely won’t disappoint and is sure to bring a smile and a cooling adventure to the Mark Twain AC5 experience.

  • BassPro/Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Enjoy a day trip to the headquarters of BassPro Shops in Springfield, Missouri and an excursion to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, the site of the first major Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi River, and the scene of the death of Nathaniel Lyon, the first Union general killed in combat. The Wilson's Creek Civil War Museum contains an outstanding collection of artifacts relating to the war west of the Mississippi, including the sword belt and sash of Arkansas General Patrick Cleburne and the flag of the Confederate "Cherokee Braves."

  • Afternoon Activities after 3PM Complete the requirements for the Forestry Merit Badge and Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Swimming Games such as flag football, volleyball, Frisbee golf Displays and demos such as fly fishing instructions, birds of prey, and Leave No Trace.


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