Manti-La Sal
  G. Washington & Jefferson
  What is ArrowCorps5?

The Order of the Arrow has had a long-standing interest in coordinating a national service project, utilizing the infrastructure and leadership established over many years of success at the Boy Scouts of America's high adventure bases. Working closely together, the United States Forest Service and the OA have chosen five project sites, spread across America, that will be the focus of our combined efforts. ArrowCorps5 (pronounced Arrow Corps Five) will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for each participant to set an example of leadership in service to those who treasure our national forests.

Five thousand physically fit and able Arrowmen (determined by the "Philmont Weight Limits for Backpacking & Hiking"), made up of youth and adults, will participate. The national Order of the Arrow committee and key sponsors will fund the projects. Participants will pay a reasonable fee to help pay for accommodations, meals, and a full day of recreational activities during the projects.

7-26-2008 The Final ArrowCorps5Site - Bridger-Teton

[Bridger-Teton Sashes on Bears] The final installment of ArrowCorps5 at the Bridger-Teton National Forest is in full swing. Recently some local residents were spotted ready for the arrival of fellow Arrowmen from around the country. Over 1,100 members arrived in Jackson, Wyoming for a week of service, training and fellowship.

Information updated on Bridger-Teton including the emergency contact number.




ArrowCorps5 Week in Review Video

Wonder what you are missing at the other ArrowCorps5 sites?  Check out the Week in Review video.  The Week in Review video will be posted at the end of the week for each site.

ArrowCorps5 In the News!

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Video and Photo Contests

The National Order of the Arrow Committee is pleased to announce two contests intended to help create a lasting digital archive of impact and experience of each ArrowCorps5 site.  Each lodge has the opportunity to digitally record a DVD movie of their ArrowCorps5 adventure. Video Contest Rules and Information  Each participant, both youth and adult, have the opportunity to submit their best digital picture for four different categories.  Photo Contest Rules and Information  Both contests open starting July 1, 2008.  Be sure to read the rules thoroughly before submitting.

For the purpose of the contest, all entries become the property of the Boy Scouts of America. Submission of an entry constitutes a full and complete release of the images with the understanding that the photos may be used in publications and/or events at the sole discretion of the Boy Scouts of America. Submission of an entry also constitutes the entrant's certification that photographs are their own original work. The decisions of the judges are final.

ArrowCorps5 Trading Post Orders

If you ordered ArrowCorps5 merchandise on the OA Trading Post Online, your order should have shipped by June 10, 2008. If you have questions regarding your order, please read this announcement.

Airport Shuttle Transportation Information

For all Arrowmen participating at one of the ArrowCorp5 sites, the following costs are now available for shuttle transportation to and from their site. If the shuttle transportation is requested, the participating Arrowmen should make note on the Individual Registration Form C - Due to the National Office by May 1, 2008 and include the shuttle fee with the final payment. Staff members needing transportation to their site should contact the Site Incident Commander.

NOTE: Shuttle service is provided ONLY to and from the Official Airport!
ArrowCorps5 Site Official Airport Fee
Mark Twain Springfield, MO(SGF) $40.00
Manti-La Sal Salt Lake City, UT(SLC) $45.00
George Washington & Jefferson Roanoke, VA(ROA) $30.00
Shasta-Trinity Sacramento, CA.(SMF) $40.00
Bridger-Teton Jackson, WY(JAC) $25.00