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ArrowCorps5 Photography Contest

What images do you think best reflect the spirit of ArrowCorps5? Capture them with your camera and then enter your favorite photographs in the ArrowCorps5 Photo Contest.

There will be a separate contest for each project site. The contest is open to all participants from each of the ArrowCorps5 sites with separate contests for youth participants (under 21) and adult participants (21 and over). Photos will be judged from each site in four categories:

  1. Work projects
  2. Recreational activities
  3. Campsites
  4. Scenic vistas

Our judges will be looking for the photographs that best exhibit creativity, originality, and visual beauty. A winning photograph will be selected for each of the four categories. There will be three winners (first, second and third) from each category for each site.


1st - $200.00 Visa gift card
2nd - $100.00 gift certificate from BSA National Supply
3rd - Framed AC5 patch set

The winners and their photographs will also be shown on the National OA Web Site, in the National Bulletin, and at NOAC 2009.

Official Rules For Entering

Open to all registered youth or adult participants in the five ArrowCorps5 sites. Entries must be received between July 1 and August 30, 2008.
No more than one entry per category per person from each site.
All entries must be submitted digitally at the email address below. Digital photographs should be taken using the camera's highest quality setting and largest file size.

All photographs must be submitted with:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Age (as of the date of the photo taken at the ArrowCorps5 site)
  4. Daytime and evening phone numbers
  5. Unit number and position (if applicable)
  6. Lodge name and position (if applicable)
  7. Council name and headquarters city
  8. E-mail address

Photo contest entries may ONLY be entered by attaching the photo to an email addressed to:

For the purpose of the contest, all entries become the property of the Boy Scouts of America. Submission of an entry constitutes a full and complete release of the images with the understanding that the photos may be used in publications and/or events at the sole discretion of the Boy Scouts of America. Submission of an entry also constitutes the entrant's certification that photographs are their own original work. The decisions of the judges are final.