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Video and Photo Contests

The National Order of the Arrow Committee is pleased to announce two contests intended to help create a lasting digital archive of impact and experience of each ArrowCorps5 site.  Each lodge has the opportunity to digitally record a DVD movie of their ArrowCorps5 adventure. Video Contest Rules and Information  Each participant, both youth and adult, have the opportunity to submit their best digital picture for four different categories.  Photo Contest Rules and Information  Both contests open starting July 1, 2008.  Be sure to read the rules thoroughly before submitting.

For the purpose of the contest, all entries become the property of the Boy Scouts of America. Submission of an entry constitutes a full and complete release of the images with the understanding that the photos may be used in publications and/or events at the sole discretion of the Boy Scouts of America. Submission of an entry also constitutes the entrant's certification that photographs are their own original work. The decisions of the judges are final.

ArrowCorps5 Trading Post Orders

If you ordered ArrowCorps5 merchandise on the OA Trading Post Online, your order should have shipped by June 10, 2008. If you have questions regarding your order, please read this announcement.

2008 ArrowCorps5 Service Team Member Emblem

ArrowCorps5 Service Team Member PatchThe National Order of the Arrow Committee announces the release of the 2008 ArrowCorps5 Service Team Member Emblem. This colorful patch is being issued to Arrowmen who have committed to serving this summer at one of the five ArrowCorps5 sites.

The emblem will begin to be shipped from the office late the last week of March to all Arrowmen (both participants and staff) who have paid deposits to attend or staff one of the five ArrowCorps5 sites.

The looped emblem is to be worn on the Uniform in the temporary patch area, and will be replaced with the ArrowCorps5 Service Shield that will be given to each person completing their ArrowCorps5 Service. The Order is proud of the service its members are about to provide and encourages every member to wear their Service Team Emblem and tell the story of ArrowCorps5!

Final Fees Due May 1, 2008

The February 1 deadline, now past was established to allow councils to reserve and confirm preferred sites. ArrowCorp5 sites that have not reached capacity will continue to accept participants until June 1, 2008. Following June 1 only the National Office of the Order of the Arrow will be able to grant access.

Final fees for a total of $250 per participant per site are due May 1, 2008. Fees paid after May 1, 2008 will be $300 per participant per site.

ArrowCorps5 - Brotherhood and Fellowship

Has your council reserved your spot in history? Over 50% of the councils in the nation have made a commitment to ArrowCorps5 to be a part of the largest, most complex, most challenging conservation project ever planned by the Order of the Arrow. Four sites have space available, but a $100 deposit per person, per site, must be submitted to the national office immediately. Do not be left at home this summer, contact your lodge leadership to join your council's contingent and plan to attend ArrowCorps5!

Your Summer of 2008

What do you see yourself doing during the summer of 2008? Sitting at home, complaining you are bored, waiting for summer camp week to get here? Wouldn't you rather be a par of something big? How big you ask? How about 5 US National forests, over 5 weeks with 5,000 Arrowmen? ArrowCorps5 is the largest, most complex, most challenging conservation project ever conceived by the Order of the Arrow. Over 8 days you will have a chance to participate in a variety of activities that may include trail building, brush removal, cleanup activities, reconstruction, and one fun-filled action packed day of adventure. These projects will have a lasting impact for generations allowing tens of thousands to enjoy the efforts of ArrowCorps5.

Wait? What? You are going to be over the age of 21 by next summer? No problem! For the first time ever adult Arrowmen will have the opportunity to participate in a high adventure like atmosphere with the youth Arrowmen. No it is not Trail Crew, nor Wilderness Voyage, but ArrowCorps5, our largest conservation project.