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Manti-La Sal National ForestManti-La Sal National Forest
June 14-21, 2008 | Utah

Project Description | Recreational Opportunities

What to Bring

The 1,413,111-acre Manti-La Sal National Forest is located in southeastern Utah. It is managed for multiple uses such as range, timber, minerals, water, wildlife, and recreation. The Forest is divided into three land areas: the Manti Division, the La Sal Division at Moab, and the La Sal Division at Monticello.

How will we be organized?
We will be divided into several divisions to make organization easier. Divisions A and B will include one BSA supervisor per division, one Forest Service supervisor per division, and three to five crews per divison (with 60-100 individuals in each). Divisions C, D, and E will also include one BSA supervisor per division, one Forest Service supervisor per division, and three to five crews per division (totalling 60-100 individuals per division).

Project Description

We will be removing "Tamarisk," a deciduous or evergreen shrub or small trees growing to 1-15 m in height and forming dense thickets. We will be removing this plant species from the forest by use of a simple process: we will prune small limbs (whips), scattering those limbs, we will then cut large limbs and trunks (again scattering the limbs), we will begin marking cut stumps w/ pin flags, we will then treat those stumps with herbicide, and finally we will mark treated stumps w/ pin flags.

Daytime Recreational Opportunities:

  • RIVER RAFTING - summer in Utah isn't complete without you "Rockin the Green" in a huge 16-foot oar boat or paddle craft with a batch of your best friends and a professional River Runner! The Green River is world famous for its towering red stone sentinels, colorful scenery, and opportunities to see Native American petroglyphs and wildlife. You'll tackle Class I and II rapids and see country most only read about in adventure books! Space is limited - put this #1 on your Form C and sign-up early. A SIGNED WAIVER FORM IS NECESSARY FOR THIS EVENT.

  • MOUNTAIN BIKING - the San Rafael Swell (BLM land) and Moab<, Utah, are defined by world-class mountain biking opportunities, and our 15-mile professionally-guided tour is going to show-off some of the area's best sights! Start at the awesome "Little Grand Canyon" - the Wedge Overlook - and rip through Buckhorn Draw on your way to the Swinging Bridge. You might even see envious OA work parties as you zip by! Only 96 slots -- sign up early! A SIGNED WAIVER FORM IS NECESSARY FOR THIS EVENT - make sure your Form C says Mountain Biking.

  • MUSEUM TOUR - "paleontology" is a mighty fancy word to use in dinner-conversation for some of us, but the College of Eastern Utah's Prehistoric Museum is one of the best in the nation and you can be "Indiana Jones" there for a few hours. The allosaur was the most common predator of the late Jurassic period 150 million years ago -- guess where just about every allosaur skeleton in a museum in this country came from? Yep! Want a mystery? Google "Pilling Figurines" sometime. This Recreation option allows you some flexibility and time in the town of Price, UT.

  • LAKE FISHING - ever heard of a Tiger Trout? That's a new cross between a brown trout and a brook trout, and they are scrappy and full of fight! The Utah state catch-and-release record Tiger was caught in 2005, in the same place we'll take you: Huntington Reservoir - just up the road from our Base Camp - 237 acres of bluegill, trout and bass. We provide the casting rod, bait, fishing license, and peace and quiet -- your job is just to set the next state record!

  • CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF - if you're a real golfer, or even if you just think a "3 Iron" is the third version of Tony Stark's costume, eighteen holes at the Carbon Country Club will give you something to talk about! Beautiful setting, fast greens, and "thin air" will make this a memorable course. If we have enough interest, and can get concurrent tee times, we'll hold a 4-Man Scramble Tourney -- in any case, there will be a prize for a Hole-in-One by an Arrowman!

Afternoon/Night Time Recreation:

  • WAVE MOTION POOL - after working hard in the blazing sun all day (or even mountain biking past all those working hard in the blazing sun all day!) just think about spending a couple of hours being pulverized by the cool hydraulics of the wave action at the Desert Wave Pool! We've rented the pool out for you and 299 of your best friends on Tuesday and Thursday nights - come and become one with H2O. (Sorry, you have to pick either Tuesday or Thursday night - not both!)

  • TAMARISK TROPHY CHALLENGE - this is where life gets hard! Do you have 4 friends at AC5 you really trust? What we have done is combined 5 events that are much harder than they sound, asked you to get together a team, and put on your "Game Face" to win the Tamarisk Trophy. Running, basketball, football, juggling, and the tie-breaker...The Doh! Test -- are you up for it? You can prep and practice for this before coming to AC5 -- but why bother? It's tough!

  • CEDARMAN TRIATHLON - patterned exactly after it's famous big brother, the "Ironman" (not to be confused with a 3 Iron), only totally different, our two-man team triathlon is guaranteed to "waste you." The "Cedarman" has three grueling events: a human "wheelbarrow" race for speed; an individual push-up contest for strength; and a team best-disc Frisbee throw for style. Can you say: "my arms feel like spaghetti"? Prizes all the way to 5th place finishers.

  • ARROWMAN EINSTEIN - a noggin-to-noggin, winner-take-all, "Brain Freeze" of epic proportions! Speed-Chess, Speed Checkers, and Speed Backgammon ("Why no, June, I've never heard of that last one either!") For all the marbles and bragging rights of being crowned "Einstein the Arrowman." One Day, one prize, one Arrowman...BRING IT! You must sign up for this event NLT Sunday night and we will set-up the challenge matches throughout the week.

  • BASE CAMP REC DIRECT - the MLS Recreation Staff has been staying up late at night, mostly eating greasy fast food, but also designing a veritable juggernaut of in-camp games, gags, challenges, sports, themes, and general tomfoolery, to keep your mind off the evil Tamarisk Horde right outside the gates. When you get back from work each day ("Lucy, I'm home!"), make sure you race over to the Rec Direct Booth and check out a ball, a disc, a game…a life!


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