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Caleb had a writer follow him around to record his typical daily activities

A Day in the Life

A writer and photographer follow Caleb, a participant from Blue Ox Lodge, as he goes through his daily activities.
Vice Chief's Bonnet

Center for History

In-depth look at the OA's history, including the Memorabilia roadshow, OA Museum, and historical events.
AIA Show Fancy Dancer

American Indian Activities Show

Arrowmen showcase their dancing talents as the winners from the dance compeitions are awarded.
OA Ocean Adventure

OA Ocean Adventure

A new national program of service at the BSA Florida Sea Base.
Leadership in Service Award

Leadership in Service Award

A new national award to recognize service given to Scouting and to the community.

Daily Features

Conference Vice Chiefs

Meet the eleven Conference Vice Chiefs who led the plannning for NOAC 2004.

VIA Luncheons

Very Important Arrowmen got the opportunity to meet the National Officers in a special luncheon.

Operation Service

Arrowmen give service to Iowa State University, the Ames police department, and a youth sports complex.

Goodman Family

The family of E. Urner Goodman, founder of the Order of the Arrow.

Southern Region Chief

Meet the Southern Region Chief, Seth Dearmin.

National Council of Chiefs

Lodge Chiefs gather to review the OA Strategic Plan, review the LLD, and discuss the state of the Order.

Story of a Trainer

Training, from a trainer's perspective.

Late Night with OA Training

Arrowmen learn the ethics of patch trading at this new type of training session.

Man on the Street - Part 2

NOAC Live staff talk to Arrowmen as they participate at NOAC.

Man on the Street - Part 1

NOAC Live staff talk to Arrowmen as they participate at NOAC.

Section Leadership Dinner

Section officers attend a special dinner and presentation with national officers and members of the National OA Committee.

Scuba at NOAC

New high adventure opportunities abound with two Scuba programs.

Ceremony Evaluations

Ceremonialists hone their skills during evaluations by experts.

National OA Historical and Preservation Project

Projects underway to digitally preserve the history and memorabilia of the Order of the Arrow.

Talent Show

Aspiring actors, comedians, singers, and others showcased their wide ranges of talents.

OA Survivor

Lodges try to outwit, outlast, and outplay to be named the OA Survivor.

Athletic Competitions

The Activities and Recreation Committee organized many different athletic competitions for Arrowmen to release their energy.


Get a preview of the OA's presentation at the 2005 National Jamboree.

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