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Carl M. Marchetti, M.D.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Carl M. Marchetti, M.D., past Chairman of the National OA Committee, received the Legacy of Servant Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award at the History/Recognition Show on Sunday night.
DSA Ribbon

Distinguished Service Award

Forty-two Arrowmen received the Distinguished Service Award, given for distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, area, regional, or national level.
Tent at Expo

High Adventure Expo

NOAC participants find out about new camping equipment, opportunities for high aventure and get "free stuff" at the High Adventure Expo.

Daily Features

Red Arrow

Three individuals receive the Red Arrow Award, the OA's award for distinguished service given by individuals who are not members of the Order.

History and Recognition Show

The Distinguished Service Award, Red Arrow Award and Lifetime Achievement Award were presented to deserving individuals.

Central Region Chief

Meet the Central Region Chief, Joe Sadewasser.

Man on the Street

NOAC Live staff talk to Arrowmen as they participate at NOAC.

Dance Competitions

Top dancers compete against each other and against themselves in many different styles of dance.

Joseph Csatari

Meet the official artist of the Boy Scouts of America.

Memorabilia Road Show

Arrowmen learn about the history of memorabilia items.

Ceremony Reenactment

Arrowmen see reenactments of historic ceremonies.

Patch Trading

Many Arrowmen trade patches during their spare time at NOAC .

Religious Services

Arrowmen attended services Sunday at NOAC.

$100,000 Arrowhead

Arrowmen enjoy a new game at NOAC.

ICE Coaching and DVD

The Inductions and Ceremonial Events Committe provides ceremonies coaching and releases a new set of DVDs.

Then and Now

NOAC Live staff talk with Bill Bryant, staff member from the 1977 NOAC in Knoxville, Tennessee

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