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NOAC 2004 - OA Center For History NOAC 2004

OA Center For History

[ OA Center For History Patch ] As part of this year's activities at NOAC, the OA Museum will be back bigger and better and has expanded its areas of emphasis. As part of the Special Events activities the Museum is now called the OA CENTER FOR HISTORY. This year the OA Center for History will have areas of participation of those you have come to expect plus several new and exciting activities for your lodge to enjoy and participate in.

The activities within the Center include:

  • The NOAC Museum which will include National OA History, Lodge/Local History, Scouting History as well as a new museum store where you can pick up a reproduction of the first OA Handbook and a limited edition commemorative museum patch.
  • The museum will also be the setting for two Lodge Competitions - static displays of a lodge's local history and a new addition, a live presentation of a lodge's local history.
  • Historic Ceremonies Re-enactments (also a competition this time) including the first ceremony, ceremonies from the 1920's and the original ceremony for the second degree.
  • An exciting new feature will be the "OA Memorabilia Road Show" where Arrowmen can bring in their memorabilia and get experts to give them a historical review and evaluation of the items, an appraisal, and be able to donate if they so choose.
  • Training cells will also be part of the Center. This year the Center will conduct three cells: The History of the OA, Ceremonial History, and Your OA "Time Machine" - Tools for the Lodge to Preserve their History.
  • Another interesting and exciting feature will be panel discussions by "seasoned" Arrowmen, some "second generation" Founders and other experts in OA history. These discussions will be interactive as you will be able to contribute questions to and view the discussions.
  • Historical preservation will continue in several areas. The Center will conduct Living History interviews with "second generation" Founders. We will also continue the digital archiving process of OA historical records and memorabilia and will accept donations to the BSA National Scouting Museum located in Dallas.

The OA Center for History hopes your lodge will be part of these events at NOAC. There are several great opportunities to learn, participate and become part of OA History. For details of the above activities including all of the competitions your lodge may participate in, see the individual event description pages.

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Revised 04/27/04.