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NOAC 2004 - NOAC Museum NOAC 2004


The NOAC Museum will include displays that depict National OA History, Lodge Histories (as provided for in the Lodge History Competition) and individual displays of various OA and Scouting historical significance.

The Museum will also contain the National Chief and National Vice-Chief bonnets, a historical presentation of the Founder, E. Urner Goodman, and two nationally recognized displays of OA sashes and Eagle medals. Other Scouting memorabilia such as old uniforms, literature and rank advancement will also be on display.

The NOAC Museum will be the backdrop used for the OA historical competitions and for training pertaining to our history. Those wanting to see the Museum in a private setting will surely want to sign up for one of the Training Cells offered by the Center for OA History.

A popular activity in the Museum has been a Map of Flaps where Lodges can contribute a flap from their Lodge. A NOAC flap, if donated will become part of the NOAC museum display and then in the future will support future museum activities. This year, the Museum will ask that Lodges donate two flaps. A second donated flap (a current flap - not a special issue NOAC flap) if donated will be provided to the BSA National Museum in Dallas to be displayed in the OA section of that museum. This will be another great opportunity for your Lodge to show Service to the museum and our history.

A new addition to the NOAC Museum will be a Museum Store. As you exit the Museum, you will have the opportunity to purchase a reproduction of the first OA handbook and (if you are one of the first 3,000 visitors to the museum), a special limited edition museum patch. The patch will be similar to the patch issued for the 15th Annual Meeting of the Lodge in 1948. This meeting is recognized as the first NOAC where some of the planning was done by "junior chairman". The reproduction patch will become an instant collector's item.

Questions about the museum may be sent to the OA Center for History Chairman, Mark Orgeron,




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Revised 04/27/04.