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NOAC 2004 - Historical Ceremonies Re-enactments Competition NOAC 2004

Historical Ceremonies Re-enactments Competition

This is one of three separate competitions at the OA Center for History that Lodges may participate in. (The other two are Lodge Historical Display and Lodge Oral History Presentation.) These competitions emphasize your local OA history as well as the history of the ceremonies.

This competition is an expansion of what was done in 2002. This will be another great opportunity for your Lodge and your ceremony team. The Center for OA History will be presenting live four historical ceremonies as discussed in the training cell during the 2003 Indian Summer. These ceremonies will be the First Ceremony for the Ordeal, The First Pre-Ordeal, The First Brotherhood (Second Degree) and the First known Vigil Honor Ceremony. Each is historically different from currently used ceremonies and thus can be viewed by all in attendance.

Historic Ceremony Evaluation Guidelines


To learn the beginnings of our ceremonies and strive for a better understanding of not only the ceremonies as we know them today, but also the ceremonies at the roots of the Wimachtendienk (the Order of the Arrow).

Ceremonies for Evaluation:

  • 1916 - Ritual for the First Degree of the Wimachtendienk (Ordeal Ceremony)
  • 1918 - Ritual for the Second Degree of the Wimachtendienk (Brotherhood Ceremony)
  • 1916 - Ritual for the Third Degree Ritual (Vigil Ceremony)
  • 1921 - Ceremonial for Start of Ordeal (Pre-Ordeal Ceremony)


All scoring related to memorization, movements and other elements of the ceremony will be based on the texts provided the respective lodges upon acceptance of their registration.


Lodge Ceremony Teams interested in competing are requested to register as soon as possible. Acceptance will be on a "first-come, first- served" basis. Only six lodges will be accepted for each ceremony and a lodge will ONLY be eligible to compete in one historic ceremony. All participants must be under 21 years of age at the time of their presentation and be a member of the lodge entering the competition.

Ceremonialists required for each presentation:

  • First Degree Ceremony - Medeu, Nutiket, Pow-Wow, Sakima, Medicine Man, and 2 candidates.
  • Second Degree Ceremony - Medeu, Nutiket, Pow-Wow, Sakima, Medicine Man, Olomipees, and 4 candidates.
  • Third Degree Ceremony - Sakima, counselor and candidate.
  • Ceremonial for Start of Ordeal (Pre-Ordeal) - Meteu, senior guide, and 4 candidates.


Teams will be provided all clothing and tokens needed for their particular ceremony. They will be required to bring their own members who will be needed in the capacity of candidates as indicated in each ceremony.


Honor Team - Each team whose score is equal to or above the minimum set by the Head Judge shall be designated an Honor Team and receive the appropriate recognition. This minimum will be based on how well the team conveys the meaning to the candidates and the judges.


There will be three judges at each venue including the Head Judge. If there are any scoring, critique or evaluation disputes, the Head Judge will have final authority to rule on the issue.

Sign Up Now:

To sign up for this competition, contact:
Terry Grove
2048 Shadyhill Terrace
Winter Park, Florida 32792

Once you have signed up, been accepted, and agreed to participate; the script for your particular ceremony will be sent to you. It will have instructions and a tentative schedule for your performance. The place will be determined at a later time, but before you arrive.

Every effort will be made to accommodate Lodge Ceremony Teams so that Historic Ceremony Competition does not interfere with current Ceremony Competition.

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Revised 05/24/04.