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NOAC 2004 - Lodge Historical Display Competition NOAC 2004

Lodge Historical Display Competition

This is one of three separate competitions at the OA Center for History that Lodges may participate in. (The other two are Lodge Oral History Presentation and Historical Ceremonies Re-enactments.) These competitions emphasize your local OA history as well as the history of the ceremonies.

This competition will be much like in the past. Presenters will offer an attractive static display of lodge history that is both interesting and of educational value to the OA Center for History attendees. Your presentation should be focused, perhaps highlighting key moments from across the entire lodge history or defining moments such as "the early years" or the new "post merger" lodge. Lodge displays are a big draw for the OA Center for History so we encourage you to put forth your best effort.

Displays should demonstrate originality and creativity. Displays should be supplemented with text descriptions and images. Displays may be table top, on easels or freestanding. Youth participation is highly recommended and will improve overall judging score.

Judging will be against a standard and will have three levels of excellence: Participant, Merit, and Honor. Each will have suitable recognition items that the Lodge can proudly display.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Professional Value and Originality: Provides information of interest and value to museum attendees. Presents information in a new and innovative style.
  2. Visual Impact: First impression of the display, neatness, layout, overall impact to the viewer. Display is eye-catching, attractive, interesting and easy to read.
  3. Educational Value: Offers viewers a learning experience. Display teaches the viewer history of the lodge (more than just patches). Descriptions are attached to the display that tells the viewer about the items being presented. The display is easy to follow and understand.
  4. Historical Significance: Historical significance to the preservation of our Scouting heritage. Tasteful use of memorabilia. Chronicles major events/milestones in the lodge's history (detailed and complete lists of officers are not necessary). Entire history of the lodge is covered (no large gaps in years, unless otherwise accounted for). May include histories of other lodges that are now a part of the lodge (mergers). Degree of difficulty of collecting the items for display dates of issue, number of items issued, etc.
  5. Youth Participation: Youth participation is highly recommended and will improve overall judging score. Exhibitors are encouraged to place a statement to this effect on the front or back of the display. Pictures with exhibitor's name, lodge name and whether youth/adult is encouraged.

Set-up, Removal and Pickup Guidelines:

  1. Museum staff will assign static display space.
  2. Lodges are responsible for setting-up the display between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 31st or by special appointment prior to 12:00 noon on Sunday August 1. As early as possible on Saturday would be appreciated.
  3. Your display should only take up one 6 foot table or the space of one table.
  4. We will not have any support equipment available unless specifically requested by the lodge. Displays can be table top, displayed on easels or free standing.
  5. We have limited electricity in the museum. Power will only be available to those lodges who specifically request it on their application.
  6. Removal and pick-up of displays will occur between the hours of 4:00 & 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 4th. A specific time will be assigned.
    • No display may be set up after the museum opens or taken down before the official closing time.
    • Lodge representative will be given details instructions on when to pick up their display.
  7. Exhibitors must provide the materials they will need to setup their displays (e.g. pins, staples, tape)
  8. All other physical requirements for your display need to be pre-arranged.
  9. The exhibitor is responsible for their display. The museum is not responsible for loss or damage but will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of the displays.

Questions about the competitions may be sent to the OA Center for History Chairman, Mark Orgeron,

Lodges need to pre-register for this event online at the NOAC event registration web site.

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Revised 04/23/04.