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NOAC 2004 - OA Memorabilia Road Show NOAC 2004

OA Memorabilia Road Show

A very new and exciting addition to the OA Center for History is the "OA Memorabilia Road Show". This will be patterned after the very popular PBS series "Antiques Road Show". Do you have something that was given to you by your Grandfather, Uncle, or distant relative? Or maybe you picked something up at your local thrift store that looked like it was old? Maybe you have some old papers that your lodge has that you do not know anything about? Now is your chance to bring these items in to the OA Memorabilia Road Show and get them evaluated.

The OA Memorabilia Road Show will be manned by experts in their field to give you an idea of the historical significance of your item and give you some feel as to the rarity and value of the item. The experts will come from a collaboration with the International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA) and the OA Center for History. ISCA is a nationally recognized association that has a strict code of ethics that follow the Scout Oath and Law and one of its goals is to help preserve the history of Scouting. The members are nationally recognized experts in collecting anything to do with Scouting including CSP's, "Red & Whites", Camp Patches, High Adventure patches, Scouting literature and uniforms, Rank and Merit Badges, and of course OA Memorabilia to name but a few.

In addition, the OA Center for History, along with ISCA and the National OA History and Archiving sub-committee have teamed up to document all evaluated items to preserve them as appropriate for the future. Also, if desired, Arrowmen wishing to donate materials to the BSA (OA and/or the BSA National Museum) will have the opportunity at this venue to do so. Your donation will be taken for safe keeping and you will be given suitable recognition (including tax information) as appropriate. Your donated items may end up actually displayed in the BSA National Museum for all to see or they may even show up at a future NOAC on display!

While waiting in line to see the NOAC Museum, the OA Memorabilia Road Show will be televised so you can see the action! This activity is sure to be a big hit at NOAC.

If you have any old items that you do not know much about, be sure to bring those with you to NOAC and visit the "OA Memorabilia Road Show". Items evaluated may also be displayed in the museum based on available space.

Questions about the road show (or if you wish to schedule a time for an evaluation in advance) may be sent to the OA Center for History Chairman, Mark Orgeron,




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Revised 04/27/04.