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NOAC 2004 - OA Center for History Panel Discussions NOAC 2004

History Panel Discussions

As another activity in the OA Center for History, experts in OA History, OA National Committee members and "second generation" Founders will be together to discuss National OA History. This will be moderated by Center for History youth staff with questions posed from those submitted by Lodges. Here is your chance to hear how it was in the "old days" of the Order. If you have a burning history question, want to know something about the Founders, or just want to know what was going on in the early days of the Order, you will have the opportunity to submit your questions at the NOAC Museum. You may even have the opportunity to interact with the panel to ask your questions.

During open Museum hours, we will have a special room where you can hear the discussion by the panel. Different panel members will be used throughout the week to get different perspectives of our OA History. Some of you, space available, will also be asked to join the audience to interact with the panel. Come join us for this interesting and engaging event.

Questions about the panel discussions may be sent to the OA Center for History Chairman, Mark Orgeron, mailto:




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Revised 04/27/04.