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NOAC 2004 - Historical Preservation NOAC 2004

Historical Preservation
Living History Interviews & Digitizing of OA Memorabilia

Continuing this year will be the efforts to permanently capture our OA History. Started at the 2000 NOAC, Living History interviews will return this year to add some personal perspective to Urner's life. These interviews will be with OA National Committee members, "second generation" Founders, and we anticipate interviews with E. Urner Goodman's children. These interviews will be captured on video and preserved for our future generations.

Also continuing this year will be the digitizing of OA records and memorabilia that was started at the 2002 NOAC. These behind-the-scenes activities are an important part of preserving our history. Records from several National Committee members will be digitally archived as well as any other memorabilia. The archival process will be in accordance with the National OA History and Preservation sub-committee requirements and will be given to the BSA National Museum. The opportunity for you to bring and have your items preserved as well or to donate materials to the BSA National Museum will be handled through these dedicated staff members. Any material gathered for donation at the Road Show will be archived by this group and will properly preserved for our future.

Questions about the historical preservation may be sent to the OA Center for History Chairman, Mark Orgeron,




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Revised 04/27/04.