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Test Yourself and So Discover! Banner Description

[Scene from the Show] American Indian Show

The American Indian Show featured the top Arrowmen from the dance competition at NOAC and more. These Arrowmen had a chance to dance on stage in front of 7200 Arrowmen with the winners from each style being announced at the end.

New Strategic Plan

The Stategic Plan for 2003 - 2007 was released at NOAC 2002.

Meet the Man - Monday

This Meet the Man session featured the National Chief, National Vice Chief, and the four Region Chiefs. See what questions Arrowmen asked the Order of the Arrow National Officers.

National Council of Chiefs

The National Council of Chiefs (NCOC) met at NOAC 2002 to discuss the future of the Order.

Chief Scout Executive Visits NOAC

The Chief Scout Executive of the BSA visted NOAC to thank the OA for its service to Scouting and to challenge the Order to continue in service to the program.


Once again The Outdoor Adventure Place is at NOAC. Find out what exciting activities Arrowmen are participating in.

Section Leadership Dinner

The youth and adult section leaders were invited to attend a dinner with the National and Region Chiefs.

Man on the Street

The NOAC Live! Staff talked with more Arrowmen; see what they had to say today!

Section Gatherings

Lodge contingents meet by section for a get-together at NOAC.

Service Lodge

The local lodge keep busy providing excellent service at NOAC.

American Indian Competitions

American Indian song and dance competitions were a colorful sight.

Southern Region Chief

Meet Nathan Finnin, the Southern Region Chief.

Painting Dedication

National Order of the Arrow Committee is pleased to present framed and signed prints of The Higher Vision and The Ordeal Ceremony to Aquehongian Lodge, #112. The prints were presented in honor of the Lodge's significant contribution to the Order.

Singing in the Rain

Or maybe it was sports in the rain? A brief, but heavy, rain storm did not water down the spirit of the Arrowmen at NOAC.

The Complete Induction Training

Find out more information about how this new training cell will help Arrowmen learn about the Guide to Inductions.

Arrowmen Idol

At NOAC this event is called Star Search and had Arrowmen competing in lip-sync, live performance, and exotic talents competition. See who the judges, whom are less critical than Simon, picked to be in the finals.


Food is an important part of an Arrowman's life at NOAC.

Ceremonial Evaluations

Ceremonial teams seek to improve their performance through evaluations by experts.

More Man on the Street

Hear what more Arrowmen have to say.

NOAC Radio

NOAC Radio keeps everyone informed and entertained.


This week the National OA Web Site will focus on NOAC 2002, with twice daily updates from the conference.

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