Emergency Management

If you need emergency help of any kind, call 911 or use one of the blue call lights on campus.

Here is the UTK Interactive Campus Map. You can find buildings, emergency call phones (Blue Lights), defibrillators, parking lots, and water bottle refill locations among other places.
The University of Tennessee – Campus Map (utk.edu)

If you see something suspicious, say something. Call security on the NOAC Hotline (833) 662-2272 x30.

NOAC is watching the weather. There are frequent showers and thunderstorms, especially in the afternoons, in the Knoxville area at this time of year. Any severe weather will be communicated by text message directly to your cell phone.

NOAC recommends you drink water frequently to avoid getting dehydrated. There are many water bottle refill stations inside the UTK buildings. There are (4) NOAC outdoor water bottle refill locations:

  1. immediately south of the student union dining hall,
  2. the south side of circle park,
  3. in the pedestrian mall by Hess Hall
  4. between the aquatic center and the tennis courts. (see attached map)