Remote Delegate Information

You must be logged in as a registered delegate to access the delegate portal. Login using the ArrowID you have claimed for the conference for access. For more information on how to login, go to this page.

5K Bib Download

If you would like to recreate the tradition of the NOAC 5K run/walk at home you can download and print your own bib at home. If you want to use the same bib font, you can download it and install on your computer at home.

NOAC@Home Science Fair

Want to get in on the STEM action at home?  The NOAC Science Fair has three experiments that you could try at home!

  • Fun With Dry Ice:  Cryogenics, the study of deep cold temperatures on the physical world, allows OA members to safely investigate the difference between frozen water and frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) and why super cooling items is advantaged over normal freezing like that in your kitchen.
  • Composite Materials Neckerchief Making:  Through the use of composite materials, this large-scale activity can help your OA lodge have a fun, hands-on STEM activity that brings your lodge, chapter, or unit together to make something custom.
  • NOAC Science Fair:  Consider running a NOAC Science Fair at home in your council!  Here is the simple set of rules and scoring that can help you get started.