Quest Information

Welcome to Your NOAC Quest!

Quest is the NOAC conference-wide game, powered by Alps Mountaineering. Download the NOAC Quest App to scan QR codes across NOAC in order to make new friends, and check-in at events and activities.

Quest is your guide in expanding your NOAC experience beyond the stream – making the most of our time together, remotely.


Quest begins Monday morning and, for Remote Delegates, will close on August 7 at 11:59pm ET.

Quest has badges that you earn by watching the livestream (and you may see QR codes in the livestream, so be sure to watch!), engaging with other Remote Delegates in our community platform (Slack), engaging with your social media network, and doing fun activities at home and in your community.

Quest also has achievements that you can unlock by doing combinations of activities – the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

Quest is also how we track your progress towards the Voyager Participation Award – if you complete all of the requirements, the badge will appear in your Quest app.

Quest is played using the Quest mobile app, which you were guided to download when you claimed your conference digital identity.

Quest is not required, and you do not need to earn all 138 badges – earn as many or as few as you wish.  What’s important is enjoying the experience.

Have a Question?

Check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below! If you’re still having a problem or have a question not answered, please email us at or visit the Quest Room in the Student Union Room 367 between 1pm-5pm every day.

Quest FAQ

Download the Quest app. You can log-in to your account using the instructions emailed to the email address you used to sign-up for NOAC. Alternatively, go to the OA BSA app and go to the “My Quest Code” page. There you will find the code you need to log in to the Quest App.

Yes, you can start connecting with people by scanning the QR code on their name tag or their QR code in the app. You can check-in to activities by scanning the QR code associated with the activity.

Your account has already been created. Just follow the instructions that were sent to the email you used to register for NOAC to access your account. Alternatively, go to the OA BSA app and go to the “My Quest Code” page. There you will find the code you need to log in to the Quest App.

There are two ways to access your account. The first is by downloading the Quest App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. The second is by accessing the Quest web portal from there. Instructions for how to log in to your account were emailed to the email you used to register for NOAC. You will need a code to access your quest account. This can be found by going to the OA BSA app and then visiting the “My Quest Code” page. There you will find the code you need to log in to the Quest App.

Make sure you refresh the page. If your device did not have an internet connection when you scanned the QR code, the check-in will be uploaded the next time you scan a QR code while you have an internet connection. If there are people you connected with that don’t appear in your timeline, its possible they have not yet activated their account. Encourage your friend to activate their account so they can play the game.

When you connect with an individual, they can see only the information that you have included in your profile. You can change the information in your profile at any time.

If you scan a QR code at a vendor booth, they will have access to your contact information and may contact you after the conference. This is the only commercial use of your information. If you do not want to share your information with a vendor, do not check-in at their QR code.

Download the Order of the Arrow, BSA app and the Quest App from the Google Play or App Store for your Android or iOS device. It’s free!

Every digital badge can only be earned once. You can interact with as many people as you’d like, but all the badges can only be earned once.

Yes! There are two ways to participate. You can borrow a friends device and log-in with your account on their device to scan QR codes. In the app, under “more”, just go to “Switch Attendee”. Enter the Quest code you received in the welcome email to change profiles. Alternatively, you can write down the code associated with the QR code and manually enter it into your account when you have access to a computer or smartphone. The code for activities starts with “A-“ and is followed by an 8-digit alphanumeric identifier. And the code for people starts with “P-“ and is followed by an 8-digit alphanumeric identifier.

Any QR codes you scan while you don’t have an internet connection will be saved until you do have a connection.

You can redeem your points for prizes. Be sure to check out the list of prizes on the website and app. Some prizes come in limited quantities so be sure to cash in your points early. New prizes will be posted each day.

Come to the Quest Prize room located in the Student Union Room 367. The prize room is open from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday.

Available prizes can be found on the app and website.

Yes! The top 3 point earners will earn a gift card to Alps Mountaineering. Note that points cashed in for other prizes earlier in the week will be subtracted from your point total.

All youth participants are eligible. There are select prizes available for staff members.

Each time you check-in at an event, you can earn a virtual badge. Each badge has a point value from 50-300 depending on how difficult it is to earn. You can also earn 1 point per person you connect with. Some people like the National Officers will also earn you additional points if you connect with them. Through-out the week you can use your points to redeem prizes from the Quest prize room. In addition, the top three individuals with the most points will earn a gift card to Alps Mountaineering for $1000 (First), $750 (Second) and $500 (Third).

If you are under 13, we cannot publish your last name due to US federal data privacy regulations. As a result, only your last initial will appear on your profile.

The participation award can be earned by maximizing your NOAC experience. Become a Voyager by completing all the requirements. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Connect with 50 Arrowmen at NOAC, and share your most memorable scouting experience.
  2. Attend your scheduled training sessions so that you can learn how your decisions today shape reality tomorrow.
  3. Attend the NOAC evening shows.
  4. Visit the Goodman Edson Observatory (GEO) and celebrate our history as we look forward to Tomorrow.
  5. Visit the NOAC Trading Post.
  6. Visit the ACES Village to learn about the Order of the Arrow’s high adventure opportunities and commitment to protecting our environment.
  7. Visit Adventure Central and start planning Tomorrow’s next great adventure.
  8. Participate in at least one recreational activity.
  9. Attend your Region Gathering.
  10. Uphold the values of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Obligation of the Order of the Arrow, and observe the NOAC Code of Conduct.

When you check-in to an event that distributes materials via the Quest game, you can go into the mobile app or web portal and select the event you checked-in into. There you will be able to see any files, links, etc. that are associated with the event.

In the mobile app or web portal go to the “Edit Profile” page. In the app, you will have to choose “more” first.

You can add an email address, phone number, Facebook username, Twitter handle, Instagram username, and TikTok handle. Any information you enter here will be visible to other people you connect with.

This QR code is required by the app creator. It is not related to the game and serves no purpose.