NOAC 2006
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July 14, 2024
NOAC 2006 - Computer and network access

Computer and network access at NOAC

Several conference participants and staff have asked about computer and network access while they are at MSU for NOAC 2006. In general, NOAC is only providing access when required for training sessions or necessary conference staff activities.

Dorm rooms will not have network access for NOAC participants. While the rooms are wired for MSU student use, this access will not be available to NOAC.

Other than certain training classes and some limited support for the Arrowman Press Corp, there are no plans to provide any computers for participant use. (There are many computers on the MSU campus, but NOAC participants will not be able to use them.)

Only some NOAC staff will have computer or network access. Their lead adviser will determine if the access is needed to complete their assigned staff duties, not just for personal or business needs. This access will be coordinated by the NOAC technology group.

There are some public "Guest" wireless hot spots on MSU campus that anyone can use, including NOAC participants and staff. These exist in some of the common areas, lounges, etc. To use this guest access, you will need to bring your own laptop with a wireless access card. Guest access is limited to web browsing and some email activity, most other ports are blocked.

If you must have full net access, dial-up accounts should work. Most providers should offer service in East Lansing. There are also some public Wi-Fi spots in East Lansing, such as at bookstores or coffee shops. These may charge for use, and may be located a distance off campus.