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October 24, 2021
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Conference Life

Here is a collection of how life will be at the 2006 National Order of the Arrow Conference. Click on the Subject Links for more information:

Dorm Life
Contingent Meetings
Maximizing your Experience
Founders' Day
Ceremonies Evaluations
Games and Competitions
TOAP (Total Outdoor Adventure Place)
Dance Competitions
OA Museum
Scuba Diving
Region Gatherings

Dorm Life[ Dorm Life ]

Moving Into Dorms is an experience that the Scouts will never forget. The youth will be paired up in groups of two, and will be assigned a room to share. For the week, this is their living space!

Dorm dads are adults who oversee the whereabouts of youth contingent members. Usually, dorm dads are in charge of two to four youth. Each dorm dad can ask for his youth to check-in with him at designated times, to make sure that they are doing fine.

Curfew is usually midnight (12:00 am). Curfew is defined as the time that all members of the contingent, under the age of twenty-one years old, must be in the building of their own dorm room.

Contingent Meetings

Each contingent should have scheduled meetings during NOAC to regroup all members. All members of the contingent will be made aware of the meetings at the beginning of NOAC to ensure a full attendance. A couple reasons these meetings are held are: to provide contingent members updated information, to regroup the contingent, to inform members of upcoming events/competitions, to inspire/enthuse members about NOAC, etc.

Meetings are important to the safety and success of the contingent at NOAC. Depending on the size of the groups, the contingent will choose to meet as a total group or may break into two or more groups. In any case, it is important that everyone in the contingent receive the same information in the meetings.

Maximizing Your Experience

Planning your days and getting around NOAC can prove to be an ordeal in itself. When you arrive, each person will be given a participant folder. A campus map will be included in the folder. The folder will also include a personalized schedule that will have the title, day and time, and location of that participant's training classes, and information about various NOAC events. It is recommended that you add to the folder a schedule of any events your contingent will be doing as a group, like playing sports, etc. At contingent meetings, encourage participants to add things like ceremony competitions, dance heats, and game heats to their schedules so they can go root for members of their Lodge, if they aren't already participating.

To help participants travel around campus, university/metro buses are provided by the Order of the Arrow. The buses drive on a standardized route and circulate at regular intervals. The bus routes will be clearly marked on the campus map, included in your participant folder.

Training [ Training ]

Training will be one of the best experiences at NOAC for you. There is training for people interested in Leadership at all OA levels, Indian Dance, Ceremonies, Outdoor Skills, just for Advisers, just for Lodge Chiefs, and more. Each member of the contingent will be able to register for classes before NOAC. Since popular classes fill up fast, it is recommended that you sign up as soon as possible.
Each participant will get their personalized training schedule in their notebook when they arrive at NOAC.

Founders' Day

Founders' Day is a full-day celebration that honors our founders, Dr. E. Urner Goodman and Colonel Carroll A. Edson. The day begins with the opening day parade and progresses to the famed Goodman Games and the acclaimed Founders' Fair. All of the Regions, Sections, and Lodges participate in honoring our foundational leaders and our Order's traditions.

Founders' Day Parade:

The day opens with the National Chief and National Vice Chief leading the parade. Following are the Sections, then a representative from each Lodge carrying the Lodge's flap sign. The purpose of the parade is to jump start the excitement for the day. At the conclusion of the parade, each Lodge is responsible for setting up their booth.

Goodman Games:

The Goodman Games is one of the most anticipated events at NOAC. In 2004, the Games harbored FORTY-SIX different game stations. Every game – from log sawing to ring toss – was present at the Games. The Games provide a fun, unforgettable time for every Scout that attends.

Founders' Day Fair:[ Founders' Day Fair ]

The Founders' Day Fair is a culmination of hundreds of Lodges from around the country. Each Lodge showcases something unique to their area. At the Fair in 2004, Lodges gave away many items including: bags of peanuts, water from Niagara Falls, Lodge flaps, Frisbees, pads of paper, pencils, pens, Where to go Camping Guides, CDs, magazines, outdoor ethics packets, granite pieces, and much more. This is a magnificent time to enjoy a spectacular view of dancing's athletic beauty. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend this event, as many different types of dances are being performed.

Ceremony Evaluations

Ceremony evaluations are one of the most popular events of NOAC. National encourages teams of all experience levels to be evaluated by nationally accredited judges. The goal of ceremonies is to ensure that the candidate continues to cheerfully serve his fellow man, by putting into practice the meaning of the Obligation not only in the Order, but in all aspects of their life. NOAC ceremony evaluations are conducted to help teams improve ceremonial performance techniques and to help teams portray the messages of the Order of the Arrow to the CANDIDATE in a more efficient manner.


Your Lodge has many opportunities to participate in a variety of sports. If your team wins in a competition, your team can claim that they are the best team in the NATION!!! At the 2004 NOAC, participants competed in:

Games and Competitions

Like with Sports your Lodge has many opportunities to participate in a variety of games. At the 2004 NOAC, participants competed in:

TOAP (The Outdoor Adventure Place)

With a combination of rope and wood logs, the Order of the Arrow is able to create an awesome area filled with interactive structures. Some of the contraptions include: catapults, merry-go-rounds, rope bridges, rope swings, vertical climbing walls, and much more. TOAP was definitely a highlight for many at the 2004 NOAC, so look for it again in 2006.

Dance Competitions[ Dance Competitions ]

At NOAC, dancers of all shapes and sizes, ages and skill levels join together, rejoicing at the beat of a drum. Hundreds of dancers compete to become the best in the Nation. Dancing is a time of fellowship that encourages everyone to take part in the traditions of the American Indian spirit. The five different categories of dances that dancers may compete in are: fancy feather, grass, straight, old style, and contemporary northern traditional. The top ten dancers in each category are automatically selected to perform in the American Indian Theme show. Guidelines will be published on the Order of the Arrow National web site when they become available.

OA Museum [ OA Museum ]

The NOAC Museum will include displays that depict National OA History, Lodge Histories and individual displays of various OA and Scouting historical significance. The Museum will also contain the National Chief and National Vice Chief bonnets, a historical presentation of the Founder, E. Urner Goodman, and two nationally recognized displays of OA sashes and Eagle medals. Other Scouting memorabilia such as old uniforms, literature and rank advancement will also be on display. Many spend hours in the museum and fail to view all of the displays. This is truly an awesome place to visit for all Arrowmen.

Scuba Diving

SCUBA diving is one of the most popular event areas at NOAC. This event offers the opportunity for participants to experience life underwater. Experienced and inexperienced Scouts, alike, take the time to learn the basics of underwater diving, and find it rewarding when they do.

Region Gatherings [ Region Gatherings ]

Each region has a gathering that offers Arrowmen the opportunity to meet with their Region Chief and his Adviser to get an update on what is happening in their Region, recognize worthy individuals, and have lots of FUN! At the Region Gathering each participant is given identical pieces to a puzzle and have to trade with members of other regions (who have different puzzle pieces) to complete the puzzle.