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December 2, 2023
Order of the Arrow - NOAC 2006 - Conference Leaders

NOAC 2006 Conference Leaders

The following represents the Conference Leadership for the 2006 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). The youth leadership for the conference will be elected at the National Planning Meeting at the end of December.

National Conference Committee Leadership

National Chief Sean Murray
National Vice Chief Chris Schildknecht
Conference Program Chairman Matt Walker
National Director Clyde Mayer
Asst National Director Carey Miller
National Chairman Brad Haddock


Committees Leadership

High Adventure
     Coordinator: Dan Segersin
     Conference Vice Chief: Brandon Beery
     Lead Adviser: Bob Westmyer
The Experience
     Conference Vice Chief: David Carson
     Lead Adviser: Scott Beckett
Extreme High Adventure
     Conference Vice Chief: Brian Chrzanowski
     Lead Adviser:
Marc Circus
     Coordinator: Jack Butler
     Conference Vice Chief: Rick Miller
     Lead Adviser: Dan McDonough
     Conference Vice Chief: Andy Collins
     Lead Adviser: Craig Salazar
Radio/InfoBooths/Hometown News
     Conference Vice Chief: Jeff Bona
     Lead Adviser:
Toby Capps
Competitons & Training
     Coordinator: Mike Hoffman
American Indian Events
     Conference Vice Chief: Travis Sheehan
     Lead Adviser: Wayne Dukes
Inductions and Ceremonial Events
     Conference Vice Chief: Dylon Polk
     Lead Adviser: Terry Honan
     Conference Vice Chief: Brian Russ
     Lead Adviser: Ken Peterson
Activities and Recreation
     Conference Vice Chief: Rick Passanisi

     Lead Adviser:

R.D. Dunkin
Conference Large Events
     Coordinator: Steve Bradley
Founders' Day
     Conference Vice Chief: Kenny Bostwick
     Lead Adviser: Jack Hess
     Conference Vice Chief: Richard Heier
     Lead Adviser: Max Sasseen
     Lead Adviser: Ed Pease
National Events Promotion
     Lead Adviser:
Carey Mignerey
Special Events
     Coordinator: Tom Moore
Special Events
     Conference Vice Chief: Adam Heaps
     Lead Adviser: Tony Steinhardt
DSA Events
     Lead Adviser: Billy Walley
Special Meals/Receptions
     Lead Adviser:
Brian Hashiro
Conference Management
     Coordinator: Matt Walker
     Facilities/Schedule: Jason Hood
     Contracts: Craig Ongley
     VIP Relations: Tico Perez
     Military Liaison: Ken Davis
     Registration Day Coordinator: TBD
Region Chiefs
     Central Region Chief: Russ Bresnahan
     Northeast Region Chief: Jon Fuller
     Southern Region Chief: Dustin Counts
     Western Region Chief: Kieran Thompson
     Lead Adviser:
Tom Reddin
Administrative Services
     Coordinator: Ray Capp
     Assistant Coordinator: Dan McCarthy
Service Corp.
     Chairman: Spencer Long
     Lead Adviser: Mark Chilutti
     Lead Adviser: Tom Watson
     Lead Adviser:
Bob Sirhal
Financial Services
     Coordinator: Glen Ault
     Controller: Jim Barbieri
Trading Post
     Lead Adviser: Matt Tarnow


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