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The New River

New RiverThere is nothing new about the New River.

From the first Native Americans to camp along the shores of the New River to the loggers who worked in the hills surrounding the bends and twists of the river, the New River has seen a lot as one of the oldest rivers in the United States.  Many have walked its shores, and many have floated the swift rapids of the New River. 

Now it’s the Boy Scouts turn, as we prepare for The Summit: Bechtel Family Scout Reserve, the new site of the National Jamboree and the newest BSA high adventure base.  While SummitCorps will not take place at The Summit, it will work to provide the link between the New River and the Summit, allowing a new generation of Americans to join the storied history of the New River.   

The site of the SummitCorps is a part of the National Park system, maintained by the US Department of the Interior and the National Park Service.  The over 70,000 acres surrounding the river provide an abundance of flora and fauna to enhance the experience of Arrowmen attending SummitCorps in 2011.