Meet the Activities and Recreation CVC

After nearly four years without a NOAC Conference Vice Chief for the Activities and Recreation Danny Miller is looking forward to one thing.

“I am beyond excited to provide every Arrowman the opportunity to experience countless events and opportunities,” he said, “allowing every Arrowman to take with them incredible life-long memories!”

Danny Miller hails from Detroit, Michigan. He is an Eagle Scout, a Vigil honor member, and Founder’s Award recipient of Mishigami Lodge, Michigan Crossroads Council. Danny currently serves as a joint section chief of E2 (previously C2) and has previously served in multiple section, lodge, and chapter offices. He is currently a senior at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and will be attending the University of Notre Dame in the fall, hoping to pursue a career in chemistry. In his free time, Danny has a passion for Scouting, hanging out with friends, and performing on stage.

The Activities and Recreation Committee is responsible for planning and executing numerous events and athletic competitions throughout NOAC. The committee is divided into three separate subcommittees: Activities, Recreation, and Competition (ARC) which work in conjunction with the leadership of the ARC committee to coordinate their events.

The activities subcommittee plans many of the conference’s long-term events throughout the week. These include the extremely popular escape rooms which have numerous unique stories this year. “Due to the high demand, we have increased the number of escape rooms to accommodate even more Arrowman,” Danny remarked. “We are also bringing back some old events such as Lip Sync Battle and NOAC Has Talent to allow Arrowman to show their creative abilities in a competition-based setting. We have also planned numerous game show activities where you can compete against your fellow Arrowman.”

The recreation subcommittee has dedicated the past several months to planning many of the major group events of NOAC. This includes the 5K race and the first-ever triathlon hosted at the conference. The committee has also been working to coordinate the largest event at NOAC which is conference-wide patch trading which thousands of Arrowmen will participate in, and is extremely excited to see the University of Tennessee packed with traders! Another extremely exciting event for all of the golf-lovers is the Goodman Golf Open which will be a golf tournament with over 100 participants involved and some cool merch to go along with it.

The final subcommittee is the competitions sub-committee which coordinates the athletic competitions between lodges and Arrowmen throughout the conference. “Some events you will not want to miss include the Lodge Chief Olympics and Mascot Mayhem!” Danny exclaimed. “Lodges will compete head to head but there can only be one winner throughout the whole nation. There will also be a huge gaga ball tournament as we discover who the best gaga ballplayer in the nation is!” The committee has also planned numerous other competition events such as basketball, track and field, soccer, and many more.

The ARC team is also responsible for the opening day event at NOAC which will be an action-packed surprise that lasts most of the day. From the moment conference guests step off the bus, the team gets right to work. “We are extremely excited to enjoy the National Order of the Arrow Conference with each of you by providing action-packed events the whole week,” Danny said. “Make sure to sign your lodge up today for competitions and any events you want to be involved in! Tomorrow begins today, see you at NOAC!”