NOAC: Make New Friends, Be Entertained

Whether it’s dancing to “Call me Maybe” like thousands of Arrowmen did at the closing show of the 2015 NOAC or walking around with a Cheerwine soda patch, NOAC participants are bound to have a great time influenced by the things that make everyday life fun for all of us.

One of the best things about NOAC is that Arrowmen come from all over the country – and even across the world – to attend. That makes for a melting pot of culture and interests. Throughout the week, you’ll have an opportunity to make new friends, learn about their favorite things, and take part in the special things that make their lives special.

A great example of this is the delegate patches for lodge contingents. You can look up NOAC Patches and find a slew of different patch designs referencing movies, shows, music, and brands. Some notable patch sets from contingents have been the Central North Carolina Council who loves Cheerwine soda so much that it’s featured on their patch set, the Atlanta Area Council with a Georgia Aquarium Set, and the Baltimore Area Council’s Old Bay Seasoning Set. If you keep an eye out you will see a patch set for a brand or show you love.

You’ll also be able to make new friends by participating in the conference-wide game. Like at past conferences, the game will make use of the latest technology to help Arrowmen earn points through meeting new people and participating in different events.

Of course, the games, shows, activities, and even the creative patch sets are all designed to help you make new memories with your old friends, too. NOAC is always better with a friend – so make sure you and a buddy are signed up to attend this year’s conference.