Fundraising for NOAC

Paying for a once-in-a-lifetime event like NOAC can be an irksome task. Fundraising efforts have proven successful for both individual Arrowmen and lodge contingents. Let’s take a closer look at different options for financing your adventures in the OA.

Product Sales

These can consist of pizza dough, cookie dough, candles, and many other items provided by the various distribution companies. Many organizations use these programs and they are very common because the products can be relevant in a large number of peoples’ lives across a diverse range of backgrounds

Car Wash

These events can be labor intensive but can be very beneficial for both the Arrowmen and the local community. Car washes can provide up-and-coming Arrowmen with additional event leadership experience. Additionally, events like these can boost public awareness of the OA and Scouting as a whole.

Seasonal Events

These events can be both fun and lucrative for the contingent. For springtime, an Easter egg delivery service could be an effective way to spread cheer to local families during the Easter season. Similarly, a flag delivery subscription set for before various patriotic national holidays could be an excellent way to share with others the meaning of “Duty to God and Country” while setting up a source of income for NOAC contingents or scholarships for Arrowmen for years to come, to spread holiday cheer and to pay for travel expenses. Annual flag subscriptions to local members of the community can also be a savvy way to encourage patriotism in your community, especially before any national holiday, and develop a source of long-lasting income for a lodge’s NOAC scholarship program. 


Many Arrowmen do not utilize the many scholarships provided by lodges, councils, or sections. You never know what scholarships are available until you ask. Talk to your lodge or section leadership to discuss available opportunities.