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Lodge Web Site Competition
Judging Criteria

This year, for the first time, there will be a lodge web site competition at NOAC. Judging will occur between July 15-29, 2000 and the winners will be announced at the conference. Lodges must signup for the competition on the Web Site Competition Registration Form included in the NOAC Contingent Leader Packet. All submitted sites must follow the Official OA Web Site Guidelines.

The following are the judging criteria for the 2000 NOAC Web Competition.

I. Web Site General Layout

  1. Does it provide general information about the lodge and the council? (1-10 points possible)
  2. Is the site current? Has it been updated within the last three months? (1-5)
  3. Is the site neat, organized, and easy to navigate? (1-5)
  4. Is there an E-mail link to contact the Webmaster and / or Lodge? (1-5)

II. Informative Value

  1. Are the different pages topic specific? (1-5)
  2. Is there a current lodge calendar / list of upcoming events? (1-10)
  3. Is there a current list of officers and advisers available? (1-10)
  4. Is there information on current or upcoming lodge events? (1-10)
  5. Are the internal pages neat and organized? (1-5)
  6. Is there a "Links" page with appropriate links to council, regional, national pages, etc.? (1-10)

III. Overall Appearance

  1. Are all graphics used appropriate and uncluttered? (1-5)
  2. Are there pictures on the page with captions or explanations? (1-5)
  3. Is the text large or small enough? (1-5)
  4. General feel for the whole website. (1-10)

TOTAL SCORE (Maximum of 100 possible points)


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Revised 05/31/00.