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NOAC Radio for 2000 is sure to be a fun filled fandango of fellowship.  The NOAC Radio staff are guided by the collective purpose of the Communications Committee - to inform, to update, and to educate.  It is our goal to successfully keep all delegates informed and up-to-date with the happenings of NOAC, but we are also determined to keep entertainment as an integral part of our mission.

To fulfill this mission, NOAC Radio plans to balance conference highlights, schedule changes, and OA issues with music, trivia, giveaways, sports updates, and VIP interviews. Another objective of NOAC Radio for the year 2000 is to expand the listening audience.  To meet this goal, NOAC Radio plans to broadcast to cafeterias at meal times as well as at major hubs of NOAC traffic.  NOAC Radio plans to generate a medium of communication on which delegates can rely.

Don't forget to bring your radios to listen in on NOAC Radio!


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