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Lodge Newsletter Competition
Judging Criteria

The NOAC 2000 lodge newsletter competition judging criteria are defined below. A lodge must enter at least four newsletters to compete and all newsletters must be published during the past year. All newsletters must be turned in at NOAC registration. All lodges must register for this competition on the Lodge Newsletter Competition Registration Form included in the NOAC Contingent Leader Packet.

  1. Identification (1-5 possible points)
    • Easy to read Masthead with Council Name and Number and Lodge Name and Number
    • Web Site (if available)
  2. Regular, punctual publication (1-5)
    • Defined months/year of publication
  3. Table of contents (1-5)
  4. Columnar format (1-5)
    • Sparse use of 'boxes' for articles, etc
  5. Communication roster (1-5)
    • Contact information (name, phone number, e-mail address) for lodge officers, chapter chiefs, key advisers
  6. Feature letter(s) (1-5)
    • Lodge Chief (or other Lodge Officer), Editor, Adviser, Other
  7. Variety of articles (1-10)
  8. Well written (1-10)
    • Proofed, concise bylines
    • Multiple youth writers
  9. Informational interest of material (1-10)
    • Order of the Arrow members
    • Unit Leadership
    • Camp Promotions
  10. Who, what, when, where, why and how defined in each article (1-15)
  11. Grammar (1-5)
    • Spell out meaning of initials at article beginning, then use initials. example NOAC, NLS
  12. Registration forms (1-5)
    • Timely with dues information
  13. Neat & clean front page appropriate for a Scout publication (1-10)
  14. Humor, puzzle, quiz, craft instructions, other (1-5)
  15. Consistency of quality among newsletters (1-5)
  16. Graphics, pictures well presented in boxes featuring mostly youth (1-5)


TOTAL SCORE (Maximum of 110 possible)


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Revised 05/31/00.