Exclusive Special Offer – 50% Off

Last year as our organization faced unprecedented challenges, some lodges pivoted and rose to the occasion, experiencing positive total membership growth. This is an outstanding accomplishment only achieved by a handful of lodges, and we know it took hard work by their lodge executive committees and the persistence of every single member of the lodges listed below.

Achpateuny Lodge
Ajapeu Lodge
Ammatdiio Lodge
Cowikee Lodge
Croatan Lodge
Gila Lodge
Jaccos Towne Lodge
Mikanakawa Lodge
Monaken Lodge
Nebagamon Lodge
Nguttitehen Lodge
Osceola Lodge
Pellissippi Lodge
Penateka Lodge
Puvunga Lodge
Quelqueshoe Lodge
Semialachee Lodge
Tamegonit Lodge
Tkaen Dod Lodge
Tsali Lodge
Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge
Tupwee Gudas Gov Youchiqudt Soovep Lodge
Wachtschu Mawachpo Lodge
Wag-O-Shag Lodge
Washita Lodge
Wisawanik Lodge
Wyona Lodge

For the hard work and dedication of the Arrowmen of these lodges, any Arrowmen from a lodge with positive membership growth for 2020 is eligible to attend Momentum: Discover for 50% off — for only $12.50. Premium delegates can watch the event on-demand, join the community platform to talk with other Arrowmen, and receive a patch and sticker in the mail.

Eligible Arrowmen should have received an email from the National OA Event Registration System (no-reply@registration.oa-bsa.org) inviting them to register. In order to receive the discount you must use the exclusive link provided to you in that email.

Join us as we broadcast from all four regions and get back in the outdoors with a weekend full of original content including competitions, training, special guests, and more. Thank you for your dedication in this extraordinary moment. We’ll see you in April at Momentum: Discover!

Need help? View the FAQs or contact us at momentum-support@oa-bsa.org.

Promotional Toolkit

Table of Contents

Please visit the Lodge Promotional Toolkit if you are looking for general promotional resources for Momentum: Discover.

  1. Informational Email
  2. Social Media Resources

Informational Email

Dear Arrowman of [LODGE NAME] Lodge:

On April 23-24, thousands of Scouts and Scouters will gather together for Momentum: Discover – a two-day event filled with virtual training and programs for both Arrowmen and non-Arrowmen alike. Momentum is a series of national OA events in which Scouts can participate in brotherhood and fellowship from the comfort of their own homes.

We want to invite you to sign up for Momentum: Discover as a premium delegate! Last year, our lodge saw positive membership growth! Because of that exciting accomplishment, we would like to offer every member of [LODGE] lodge a 50% off discount to attend Momentum: Discover as a premium delegatejust $12.50! More information on this special promotion here.

During Momentum: Discover, delegates will learn new skills and take part in fun, interactive programming that is meant to re-connect you with the outdoors. 

Signing up as a premium delegate is the best way to view Momentum: Discover. As a premium delegate, you will receive exclusive perks and benefits during the event, including:

  • A mailed patch and sticker
  • Access to an archive of streamed program content to view anytime
  • A chance to participate in the event-wide game
  • Access to the Momentum community platform, Slack, to connect with scouts and scouters from across the nation
  • Additional opportunities for engagement and interaction

**In order to receive the promotion during registration, you must use the invitation sent to you via email with the subject “Momentum: Discover – Invitation to Register”

During registration, don’t forget to fill out the “referred friend” field with a name of one of your fellow brothers in our lodge. Each entry will give our lodge a chance to win a Zoom lunch with our national officers during Momentum: Discover!

We hope to see all of our members take advantage of this exclusive offer and sign up for Momentum: Discover as a premium delegate today!


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Social Media Resources


The Momentum: Discover Discount Lodges Promotional Toolkit includes contains 4 social media posts and 4 captions that correspond directly with that post. For example Discount Lodge Post 1 is the image intended to be used with the caption titled Discount Lodge Caption 1. Please link our website momentum.oa-bsa.org/ to your lodge or section’s website or another resource where participants can register. It is suggested to add the Momentum: Discover website as a link in Instagram bios or easily accessible on the website that is linked. Each caption can be used with other graphics and the captions may be edited as your lodge sees fit. When posting about Momentum: Discover, be sure to use the #OADiscover hashtag.

  1. Social Media Graphics
  2. Sample Captions

Social Media Graphics


  Discount Lodge Post 1


 Discount Lodge Post 2


 Discount Lodge Post 3


 Discount Lodge Post 4


Sample Captions


Discount Lodge Caption 1

  • Sign up today for Momentum: Discover – the OA’s next virtual event from April 23-24. As a member of our lodge, you’re eligible for a special discount of 50% off! For more information on how to sign up using our discount, (click the link below/click the link in our bio!) #OADiscover

Discount Lodge Caption 2

  • All members of our lodge are eligible to attend Momentum: Discover as a premium delegate for just $12.50! Premium delegates will receive a patch, sticker, archive of all content from the event and additional opportunities to interact with scouts and scouters from all over the country. (Click the link below/click the link in our bio) for more information regarding this special discount! #OADiscover

Discount Lodge Caption 3

  • Thanks to each of our members, we saw positive membership growth in 2020! As a reward, all members of [INSERT] Lodge can attend Momentum: Discover at HALF PRICE! To sign up for the OA’s next national event, check your email for an invitation. #OADiscover

Discount Lodge Caption 4

  • Don’t miss out on Momentum: Discover, the OA’s third installment of the Momentum series! Join fellow Scouts, both Arrowmen and non-Arrowmen alike, on April 23-24 for an event full of excitement as we get back into the outdoors!