Wide Game

The Momentum: Discover Wide Game encourages premium delegates to experience all that Momentum: Discover has to offer!  While it is designed primarily for youth, all premium delegates are welcome to participate.  To earn the participation patch, you must complete the requirements for each category (all categories must be completed).

The full wide game including categories, tasks, and the wide game reporting form will be available by Friday, April 23. Each delegate participating in the wide game requires a unique ArrowID. If you are having issues with ArrowID, please read about Using ArrowID at Momentum: Discover.

Thank you for participating in the wide game and good luck to everyone. The wide game will end on Monday, May 3rd at 5:00 AM ET.

Category Task Name
Watch or attend any 4 entertainment sessions either live or via the stream archive.
Tasks Required: 4
The Opening Show
Region Chiefs vs. The Wild
The Arrowman Challenge
The OA Cookoff
The Discovery Show
The Closing Show
Watch or attend any 3 training sessions either live or via the stream archive.
Tasks Required: 3
Proficiency in the Outdoors
Thriving Together
Discover Your World
Soaking Up Scouting
Reemerging Post Covid
Capturing the Adventure
Outdoor Photography
Learn about Thrive Connect
Set aside 4 hours to spend outdoors (between April 23 and May 2) — in a park, your backyard, or another place with nature. As part of your time outdoors, minimize your use of electronics and complete 4 of the following:
Tasks Required: 4
Go hiking! Get fresh air and observe while walking outside — reflect on which part of the experience lifts your spirits the most (e.g., a natural feature, observing an animal)
Go swimming! Whether in a pool, lake, or pond (practice Safe Swim Defense!), cool off, get some exercise, and have fun! Reflect on what part of being in the water relaxes you the most.
Go for a bike ride! Whether on a road or a trail, enjoy the rush of the wind and the feeling of speed. What do you like most about bike riding?
Go for a run or jog! Whether on a sidewalk, a trail, or a running path, enjoy the view. How is this different from where you normally run or jog, and what about it do you like?
Gaze at the scenery! Whether it’s a sunrise, a sunset, a picturesque natural feature (e.g., lake, stream, mountain, forest), or the clouds, spend 5 minutes soaking in nature’s splendor
Listen to nature’s soundtrack! Take 5 minutes listening to the melodies nature has to offer: babbling brooks, bird songs, wind whistling through the trees and the scurrying of unseen animals through the canopy
Stretch! Research suggests that stretching outside increases its effectiveness. Find a scenic spot and spend 15 minutes stretching.
Read! Bring a book (or textbook) and spend 1 hour reading in the sunshine. Natural environments can enhance your cognitive abilities, and it’s more fun to be out in nature anyway!
Eat! Whether you prepare your meal outside or at home, eat it outside. Does it taste better? It just might!
Gaze at the animals! From birds to squirrels, spend 30 minutes looking at animals in their natural habitat. How do they behave? How are they choosing to spend this day?
Go camping! Whether you’re in your backyard or at a campground, spend a night in the great outdoors. Do you feel more relaxed when you wake up?
Do your favorite outdoor activity (not already listed here)! Whatever you love doing outdoors, do it. Take time to be grateful for the ability to be joyful in the outdoors
Tasks Required: 6
Join a Momentum: Discover small group. Meet your fellow small group members and reflect on similarities and differences in how you experience the outdoors
Share your favorite campfire memory in your small group or in the “Campfire Memories” channel in Slack. After reading some of the other memories posted, reflect on the range of emotions captured in a campfire — which emotion would you miss the most if it were absent from your next campfire? Share this as a comment on the campfire memory that you most enjoyed reading.
Post your favorite campfire song and/or skit in your small group or in the “Campfire Fun” channel in Slack (if your song/skit is long, post its name and a link to it instead). After reading some of the other songs and skits posted, reflect on the different genres of songs and skits — which genres would your ideal campfire have? Share this as a comment on the song or skit you liked the most.
Post the name of your favorite campfire story and a link to it in your small group or in the “Campfire Stories” channel in Slack. After reading some of the other stories posted, reflect on the difference between reading a story and hearing a story — how can telling a story make it more “real” than just reading it? Share this as a comment on the story you most enjoyed reading.
Post a meme to the “Meme” channel in Slack. Reflect on how memes are similar (or not) to campfire run-ons, skits, and stories. Add a “reaction” to the meme that you think most belongs in a campfire program.
Ask a question during a training session in that session’s Slack channel.
Post a message on Slack that a national officer reacts to.
Share a photo of you at Momentum: Discover (including the 4-hour outdoor experience) to social media, with the hashtag #OADiscover.
Share a photo of a favorite outdoor adventure on social media, with the hashtag #OADiscover.
Do a Good Turn Daily
Tasks Required: 3
While outside, do something that would make someone else’s experience of that space better (e.g., pick up trash, remove an obstacle). Do you notice a difference? How easily did you find something to do? How do you feel after doing it?
Do a good turn that combines something you enjoy doing with something other people need but do not enjoy doing. What about that task do you enjoy? Is service more cheerful when we find opportunities to do what we enjoy?
Write a thank you/appreciation note to someone (an acquaintance or a stranger).
Give a friend you haven’t talked to in a couple years a call to check in on them. See how your old pal is doing!!
Think of two friends you have, and think of two things they do to help you or make you a better person. What do you admire about them? How could you apply that to your life?
Cook a meal for someone else. How did they react? How did that make you feel?
Visit the Summer of Service website and identify 2 projects you will do this summer. What about those projects appeal to you? When will you do them? Who will you invite to join you?
Challenge by Choice
Tasks Required: 4
Minimize your “screen time” outside of watching the live stream.
Learn something new about a person you may or may not know. Is this something you could apply to your life?
Score an 80% on the 3rd degree OA history quiz on the OA website.
Write a journal entry about your favorite Scouting event. What about this event makes it your favorite?
Create a goal for you to accomplish this year. Why did you choose this goal? How will this goal help you?
Take 30 minutes to yourself. What did you do? How did it make you feel?
Identify something in your life you struggle with. What could you do over the next 3 months to improve? Develop a plan. This should be different from the “create a goal” requirement.
Try something new, or something that you don’t often do (e.g., cooking – a new meal, or cooking in general). Reflect on what you learned.
Participate in a meditation or breathing exercise.
After the closing show, reflect on your weekend and Momentum: Discover. What did you learn? How would you like to apply that? How can you use that to make a difference?
Make a real fire (outdoors!) or an “arts and crafts” fire. Sit by it and watch the event!
Sharpen your knife.
Make a camp gadget (small or the actual size). After you finish, compare it with a gadget you could buy. How would you feel using your camp gadget, and would you feel the same way using one you bought?
Ready… get set… pack your sleeping bag in 40 seconds!
Carve something out of a stick or a bar of soap. What did you choose to carve? Why?
Tie 5 knots. Which of the 5 is your favorite? Why?
Make a meal plan for a weekend. What meal or dish are you most looking forward to?
Cook a meal you usually only have while camping. What is it? Why do you usually only have it while camping?