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Indian Summer 2003

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Do you like fun? Do you like learning? Do you like Indian lore? Well if you do, the Order of the Arrow has the perfect conference for you! It is the National Order of the Arrow Ceremony and Native American Indian Conference, or in short, Indian Summer.

All Arrowmen with an interest in learning more about American Indian culture and Arrowmen who wish to expand their skills and understanding of the Order's ceremonies are invited to participate in the conference.

A primary objective of this event is to elaborate and expand a participant's understanding of American Indian culture at a pace in which the students can learn more. Arrowmen will have a hands-on experience with American Indian crafts, singing, dancing, customs, traditions, Indian games, and conducting a pow-wow.

Need to improve your skills in producing a successful Call-out, Ordeal, Brotherhood, or Vigil Ceremony? Well you are in luck because Indian Summer participants will also have the opportunity to delve deeper into the ceremony world of settings, props, understanding the ten induction principals, symbolism, memorizing lines, and the development of low-cost ceremonial costumes.

The last national OA ceremony and Native American Indian conference was held in 1995. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about American Indian culture and expand your knowledge in Order of the Arrow ceremonies!

Revised 4/21/03.