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2003 Indian Summer
Additional Information

RV Sites Available

The Ridgecrest Conference Center has 27 RV sites with hook-ups available for Indian Summer participants. The sites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis only. For those interested in securing a Recreational Vehicle site, the conference fee is $205 for each participant plus $29 per site per day for the RV. RV Conference fees paid after May 31, 2003 will be $255. for youth and adults participants. The fee includes 14 meals, program and support materials, and recognition items during the six-day conference. (Remember, those choosing to secure an RV site must comply with all Boy Scouts of America youth protection guidelines.)

Adviser Guidebook and Program Participation Packet

A contingent Adviser Guidebook and Program Participation Packet will be sent April 1, 2003 to all lodges that have confirmed reservations. The program participation packet will include activity reservation forms, which will be developed by the section chiefs during the national planning meeting on December 27-30, 2002, individual registration forms, and other program materials.

Use of the Life Way Ridgecrest Conference Center for this event does not imply alignment with, or endorsement by Life Way Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.


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Revised 12/23/02.