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Indian Summer Presentation

[Indian Summer Presentation Clip]

The Indian Summer committee has developed a multimedia presentation to let everyone see what this new event is all about. This show is now available as a Flash file to download and view on your computer. This is available in both PC and Macintosh forms.

This file contains everything you need in order to view the multimedia presentation. It is large (over 7 Mbytes) so it may take a while to download. It's worth the wait - you will see what awaits the lucky Arrowmen who will attend Indian Summer.

Download the presentations

PC Version - This is an executable flash file. Download it, then run it! Windows 98, 2000, or XP is recommended.

Macintosh Version - This is a StuffIt (sit) file. You will need StuffIt Expander or a similar extractor to get the flash file that you run. OS 9.2 or OS X is recommended.

Enjoy the presentation, and make your plans to attend Indian Summer this August!

Revised 1/24/03.