Off-Site Staff
Staff staying at the offsite hotel locations will not have any NOAC provided shuttle bus service between the MSU campus and hotels - Please car pool with
your fellow committee members. Most committees have been assigned to the
same hotel facilities to accommodate this request.

Meals and Staff Shuttle
Operating for Breakfast and Dinner will be a "staff only" meal shuttle that will have a dedicated route going between the staff parking lot area west of Cherry Lane to Shaw Café. Staff that are carpooling from off-site hotels should 1st drop off their passengers at Shaw Café and then go back & park in the staff lots west of Cherry Lane and take the shuttle bus to Shaw café. Conference Management is asking for this to reduce the amount of seats needed on the dedicated shuttle buses and also carpool to reduce the amount of staff cars in the parking lots daily. Please plan to leave surplus vehicles parked at your respective hotels.

Staff Lot – Parking Placard
Staff planning to drive to MSU daily & park in the staff lots will be required to display a “Staff Parking Placard” in their vehicle while parked in the lots (church lots west of Harrison Road, Kellogg Center or Breslin West). This placard will ONLY allow for parking in the lot listed and will be assigned to the driver/car for identification. The placard will be issued during staff check-in.

Offsite Staff Parking – Lots & Meals
Staff driving to campus and assigned to the “Church Lots” should proceed to the designated areas west of Harrison Road and walk to the shuttle stop on Birch Road at Cherry Lane Park (across from Wonders Hall). There will be “staff meal” buses (school buses) that will go between Cherry Lane Park and Shaw Hall, dropping east of Shaw Hall on Shaw Lane. This is NOT a noted NOAC shuttle stop, as it is not for the main route, nor for anyone other than staff. The pickup bus stop will be marked so staff know where to wait. Additionally, there is a nearby regular shuttle stop on the main shuttle route at Shaw / Farm Lane, in front of Anthony Hall that will take anyone to any of the NOAC stops on the route. ***Please Note*** --- we will not have the use of the church lots on Sunday – August 2nd. Please be considerate of the church parishioners’ that will be attending their church services that day (A scout is Reverent)!

Sparty’s Meal Option
All attendees at NOAC (staff and guests) can use the Sparty’s Convenience Stores, during meal hours only, for a NOAC-on-the-go meal. This is only available during meal time hours, mirroring the residence halls. Sparty’s will be open throughout the day for purchases, as well. NOAC-on-the-go is NOT available for Friday lunch, as everyone will be served a boxed lunch at Cherry Lane Park for the centennial celebration.

Special Activities Shuttle
These “school” buses going to off-site activities will also be using the Cherry Lane Park stop (#6)-Transfer location - throughout the week and will have signage in the bus, so folks know what bus they are getting on, and why (offsite activities, staff meals, etc.), as this is the location for any transfer, except dead storage parking lots.

Dead Storage Parking
The dead storage parking lot transfer point is bus stop #1 – Wilson Road just south of Akers, in front of Conrad. This is a regular stop on the NOAC route. MSU will operate a transfer shuttle between the designated lots and this shuttle stop. See the “staff” guide map for the indicated route.

Last revised on July 31, 2015