NOAC 2006
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July 14, 2024

Information for Arrowmen

This summer, Order of the Arrow members from around the country have the unique opportunity to get together at the National Order of the Arrow Conference ("NOAC"). Over 7,000 Arrowmen will come together for have fun, learn new things, and celebrate the best the OA has to offer. This six-day adventure is unlike any other event in Scouting, and only OA members can participate.

A typical NOAC day covers all aspects of the OA. In the morning, you can pick your choice of world-class training sessions ranging from Leadership, to Indian Crafts, to Ceremonies, to High Adventure Skills, and more. The afternoon brings sports, competitions, special events, and more. After dinner, you get to see an outstanding Evening Show, a new show each night. After the show, there are open activities, patch trading, and just hanging out with your friends. Finally, you head to bed, to get some sleep so you are ready to do it all again the next day!

To better understand a NOAC, take a look at the events and activities members enjoyed at the last conference. NOAC 2004 Memories

NOAC is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the OA and Scouting (and maybe a little bit more about yourself), to get to know the rest of the members of your lodge, and to make new friends from around the country. Join the Order of the Arrow's best and brightest for a six day adventure of fun, excitement, and memories.