Weekend Recap

by Jacob Ball

What an amazing weekend we’ve shared together! In total, over a thousand Scouts and Arrowmen from across the nation joined together to celebrate our roots in nature, and it is because of you that this event was possible, so thank you! Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from this event:

We started off Friday with our national leadership team welcoming us to Momentum: Discover at the opening show! A mood of peaceful serenity was set as we learned how to rediscover our passion for the outdoors together. After meeting with the national chair of the Boy Scouts of America, Dan Ownby, we closed off Friday night with a fireside chat with national officers, where they shared stories and experiences about the OA, as well as answered some of the questions regarding our order.

Today started off with two training sessions: Proficiency in the Outdoors, which helped us brush up on our outdoor skills, and Thriving Together, which helped us find the meaning of a successful team. Afterward, our region chiefs competed in Region Chiefs Vs. The Wild to discover which of our region chiefs has what it takes to survive in the wilderness! Following an informative question and answer session with the national chairman and advisers, we learned how the Order of the Arrow and nature can work together at Discover Your World and how we can get the most out of Scouting in Soaking Up Scouting.

Later on, each of the four region chiefs was paired with a lodge leader to compete in a series of exciting challenges! After many obstacles and puzzles, region chiefs Garrett Donais and Terry Hendriex and their host lodge teammates Stephen G. and William D. tied for 1st. Afterwards we learned about an exciting new national initiative, Thrive Connect, which will help coach lodges across the country to find greater success! During Capturing the Adventure, we found out how to improve our photography skills, and at Better than Ever — OA LodgeMaster we learned about the brand new induction module!

In the late afternoon and early evening, we learned about how the Order of the Arrow can give back to Scouting and our communities in cheerful service, and how lodges across the country are reemerging after COVID-19! During Furthering Your Impact, we learned about how we can work alongside our Lodge Executive Committee to provide outstanding cheerful service and get involved with our council summer camps. In the final region chief challenge for Momentum: Discover, each of our region chiefs competed in the OA Cookoff, where one of our region chiefs will be crowned champion!

We hope that you join us tonight for Momentum: Discover’s late night talk show, The Discovery Show and help us close off the weekend on an inspiring note at the Closing Show!