Momentum Musings – Self-Discovery

by Melody Fewx

When life is too busy to bat an eye,

No one seems to care,

Opportunities are passing you by,

And kindness is rare


Nature is there in sturdy truth

Holding strong to its will

Reminiscent of past youth

But a reminder of the future to fulfill


You look upon yourself to find

The missing pieces in your soul

The lingering mishaps in your mind

All you wish is to feel whole


Upon the lake in early light

The sun is bright but not yet dawned

Just like you trying to find your right

Not yet dawned but just beyond


In the dark, lit only by pin-prick stars

You look over the valley

Remembering all the scars

Yet, you still feel happy


In the vast blue sky

In the rolling green plain

It is not easy to deny

So you release all you restrain


Here is where you find yourself

Because here is where you’re free

Where all you are is felt

And you have no reason but to agree

That you are good

And you are right

You are as you should

And a bright future awaits your invite