Refer a Friend Challenge


Congratulations to:

Mikanakawa Lodge!

For winning the Momentum: Discover Refer a Friend Challenge.

The 2021 national officers are excited to join you for lunch on Saturday. Please contact your lodge chief for details, and thanks for your great work in promoting Momentum: Discover!

Our organization is strongest through our relationships with our fellow Scouts. We encourage you to invite your fellow Scouting Scouts, both Arrowmen and non-Arrowmen alike, to attend Momentum: Discover for a weekend of fun, trainings, competitions, games, and more!

For each delegate who registers, your lodge will receive an entry to win a Zoom lunch with the 2021 national officers!

The Zoom lunch will occur on Saturday, April 24. The winning lodge will be announced one week in advance. Each delegate you refer gets you another entry into the raffle and increases your lodge’s chance of winning!

Be sure to let anyone you refer know to list your name and email when they register for Momentum: Discover at The screenshot below highlights where to locate these fields during registration.

Image highlighting "Referrer Name" and "Referrer Email" on registration form