Order of the Arrow at Jamboree




Do you love sports, physical fitness, teaching others about healthy lifestyle choices? If so, the PACEsetters want you! On the PACEsetters staff you will be a part of something truly exciting. A pacesetter is a person who “leads the pack”, and sets the standard by which others will follow, so, as we embark on a new century of Scouting, we will call our youth participants to be “PACEsetters  – Leaders… for Life.”

The PACEsetters program will:

  1. Encourage, incentivize, and facilitate each Jamboree participant to earn Personal Fitness Merit Badge
  2. Provide a mechanism to encourage participants to compete against each other in personal fitness competition
  3. Create a method to teach specific tenets of health education that are relevant and memorable to our Jamboree participants
  4. Through all this, cause our participants to understand Personal Accountability, and Commit to Excellence as they make decisions that will affect their overall health and fitness over their lifetime.

Of course these are our goals, but as with all aspects of the order we will strive to enjoy great fellowship, and provide cheerful service to our fellow scouts.

So, if this sounds like YOUR thing @ the 2010 Jamboree, sign up today to join our PACEsetters Staff!