Order of the Arrow at Jamboree



Order of the Arrow Presents:

The Mysterium Compass At Jamboree 2010, the National Order of the Arrow Committee will present the Mysterium Compass. Staff recruitment for The Mysterium Compass is now underway. We will need people of all skill levels for our team. We like to think of everyone as being a "cast" member, because everyone plays a critical role in our ability to be successful. How do we determine success? By delivering a fantastic and fun message to Scouts.

We will need youth and adult members of the OA on our staff of over three hundred. Actors, "game" managers, ticketing and public relations, theatre technical crew like tv/video, sound and light technicians; stage managers; special effects operators; scenic crew; and more.

Youth staff is now age 16 to 25 (low fee!)

Jamboree staff positions are open to Scouts and adults who meet required qualifications. Adult staff members must have been born before July 26, 1984. Youth staff members must have been born between July 26, 1984 and July 26, 1994. All must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.