Staying connected @ NOAC

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Arrowmen will have many ways to keep connected at NOAC this year.

  • A daily printed newspaper, The United Press, will be available each morning in all dining halls and Info Booths.
  • Breaking news and schedule updates will be available online at:
  • Are you a radio enthusiast? NOAC Radio WWWW will be broadcasting live at 102.3 FM.

According to Conference Vice-Chief of Communications Raymond Cheung, these multiple ways of staying in touch will ensure that all NOAC guests will have the current schedule for shows, events and activities—with up-to-date changes—in the palm of their hands.

“Throughout NOAC, you will see our writers and photographers wherever you are, capturing the action, as well as interviewing you to record your thoughts and impressions,” says Cheung.

“We have a Content Creation Team that includes writers, editors, videographers and photographers,” says Keith Avery who heads the CCT.  “We’ll be covering the shows, events, training, and award presentations.  We’ll deliver complete coverage of the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference.”

Be sure to read each mornings paper, and check in throughout the day for the latest NOAC news and information. You can share your NOAC experience online through Facebook and Twitter, too!

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United, We Stand – opening show kicks off NOAC

Published on July 29, 2012 by in NOAC

On Monday night,  NOAC guests will meet in conference for the first of four arena shows that will bring NOAC roaring to life! “United, We Stand” opens tonight in the Breslin Center at 8pm, but you can take a seat at 7:30. We recommend you get there early for a great seat and a chance to score some free stuff. Join every lodge in the world as we set the week in motion and get a first look at how our conference theme, United, We Leave a Legacy, will impact and influence everything we do this week.


In addition to all the excitement of starting NOAC, the six National Officers will be introduced and formally installed as our youth leaders. National Chief John Rehm will deliver an opening address, and National Vice-Chief Preston Marquis, with the four Region Chiefs, will set the stage for the week to come. Everyone is encouraged to bring a cell phone and sign up for a few witty and wry text message updates from the conference shows team. Come prepared to have fun as we explore what United, We Leave a Legacy means to us!

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Meet the CVC’s – the faces behind the NOAC program

Published on July 29, 2012 by in Monday, NOAC

Frank Gamez
Founders Day Committee
O-Shot-Caw Lodge
Miami, FL

Frank currently attends Florida International University, where he is still undecided in his major. On the weekends Frank enjoys live EDM musical acts, festivals, raves, parties and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If he could add one point to the Scout Law, it would be “Dedicated. Scouting makes you dedicated to achieving a goal and committed to the organization. Without consistency and devotion. the other points of the Scout Law would not be applied.” If he could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, he would choose E. Urner Goodman. “I’ve heard stories that he was a great motivational speaker.” In his opinion the best part of the Order is the hands-on leadership opportunities through a youth-led organization. You might be surprised to learn that Spanish is his native language. He also plans on having breakfast with some dedicated Arrowmen later this year, after the Mayan calendar ends – as that’s the date of his lodge’s annual Vigil Breakfast. He is, however, bummed that he will miss his favorite Olympic sport of fencing this summer as the Olympic Games in London will run concurrently with NOAC.


Josh Hone
Special Events
Yah-Tah- Hey-Si-Kess Lodge
Albuquerque, NM

This fall, Josh plans on attending George Washington University, majoring in Political Science. You may be surprised to learn that he enjoys green chilies on almost anything he eats. He enjoys meeting and making friends through the OA High Adventure programs; however, although he lives near Philmont, and has visited, hiked, camped, and had conclaves there, he has never been on an official trek. If he could go back in time, he would want to meet Thomas Jefferson, because “He was well read, well spoken, and he would have enjoyed a day of fascinating conversation.” Try not to get Josh too worked up, as his favorite hobbies are speech, debate, and following politics. In his opinion, “the best part of the OA is being a part of the immediate and passionate fellowship among previously-unknown individuals due to shared experiences and ideals.” Josh loves to watch the Olympic track and field events, and hopes to catch the finals after NOAC ends.


Graham Rapier
Nakona Lodge
Lubbock, TX

Graham is currently attending New York University, where he majors in Music – which is also his favorite hobby. He loves anything to do with music: listening to it, writing it, making it. He’d like to add the point of “Fun” to the Scout Law. When asked what the best part of the OA is, he answered “NOAC Shows! But in reality, sitting in on Arrowman 101 sessions with newly inducted members.” You might be surprised to learn that this spring, he grew 1.5 inches in the matter of four hours! (In reality he had back surgery.) Graham said that if he could spend an afternoon with someone in history, it would have to be Ronald Reagan, because “He was the best president.” He would have liked to take President Reagan sailing, because it is his favorite memory – and then he’d take President Reagan to his favorite BBQ restaurant. During NOAC, Graham will be rooting on the US Olympic swimming team.


Taylor Blanc
Activities and Recreation
Wa-La-Moot-Kin Lodge
Burbank, Washington

When not attending Scouting events, Taylor attends Washington State University, majoring in Electrical Engineering. He feels as though camping is arguably the best part of the OA. While on campouts, he enjoys hot dog eating contests, as that is his favorite food, as well as impromptu hikes. His best moment in Scouting came at the 2010 National Jamboree when he got to meet Mike Rowe. After meeting him he decided that “Awesomeness” should be added to the Scout Law. He believes the most interesting fact about him is that he once spent 16 hours in a movie theater watching an Avengers Movie marathon. If he could spend a day with anyone in history, it would be Abraham Lincoln, so he could look at all the tough decisions President Lincoln had to make. If the world does not end on December 22, 2012 he just plans to simply PARTY ROCK!! If there was an underappreciated Olympic sport it would be Badminton, which is why it is his favorite one to cheer for.


Raymond Cheung
Moswetuset Lodge
Boston, MA

Raymond attends Eastern Nazarene College, where he studies Accounting, Psychology and Pre-Law. Raymond would add “Hungry” to the Scout Law; after all he has no favorite food and will eat almost anything you put in front of him. The most interesting thing about him is that he was born in Hong Kong; moved to the United States when he was six years old, not knowing any English; and joined Scouting at 14. The things he enjoys the most are belt buckle collecting, cheerful service, even in the midst of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities, and being able to go to the Asia Pacific-Regional Jamboree in the Philippine Islands with 9,000 other International Scouts. He looks forward to the day after the Mayan calendar ends, as he has plans to wait until another group claims the next world apocalypse and watch it all happen again. He says that he would love to spend the day with Joseph Ducreux, because “I’d like to see him paint and ask him what he thinks about now being an online trending meme.” Raymond plans on cheering on Lebron James and Kevin Durant during the Olympics as they defend the USA’s gold medal in men’s basketball.


Chris Rollins
Foreman Corps
Tasli Lodge
Waynesville, North Carolina

Chris has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature, so it may be no surprise that the historical figure he’d like to meet is Edgar Allen Poe, because he “seems like a chill dude.” He loves to read, and eat delectable meals such as chicken cordon bleu. He especially enjoys the high adventure programs the Order of the Arrow has to offer. When looking back upon his Scouting, his favorite memory is being on a Webelos campout with his father and his older brother. Even though he was born in the United Kingdom, he likes to go old school with his Olympic games, and lists the chariot race at the tops of his favorite events. He plans on spending the days after the Mayan calendar ends buying last minute Christmas presents for his family.


Sam Bellomy
Papago Lodge
Sierra Vista, AZ

Sam currently attends The University of Arizona, the home of the 2012 NCAA Baseball National Champions. Sam would also add “Hungry” to the Scout Law; his favorite food is steak. Majoring in Political Science, Sam enjoys swimming and cheering on Michael Phelps in the Olympics. Sam calls his time at NOAC “a great chance to serve with great Arrowmen to create change and make the Scouting movement better.” The first bone Sam ever broke was his middle finger; but luckily for him it was not during his hike to the top of Tooth of Time at Philmont, which was one of his favorite Scouting experiences. When asked which historical figure he would like to spend a day with, Sam responded “Alexander the Great. He knew how to take over the world. Like a boss.” If the world is still here on December 22, Sam plans on doing two things: wishing one of his lodge’s prior chiefs, one of his greatest mentors, a belated happy birthday, and then starting his Christmas shopping.


Ethan Fowler
Cowikee Lodge
Dothan, L

Ethan currently attends Northside Methodist Academy. The best part of Order to Ethan is the opportunities that the Order of the Arrow offers: “This organization gives young men a chance to lead, a chance to meet people from all over the country, and memories that will last a life time.” He would add “Encouraging” to the Scout Law, and he would encourage Arrowmen of all ages to attend national events; two of Ethan’s favorites were the 2009 NOAC and 2011 SummitCorps. He would love to spend the day with Franklin Roosevelt because, “He was a great leader through the Great Depression and World War II while he was physically sick.” Ethan has a busy schedule after the world ends on December 21, 2012: he will be on Christmas break, and plans to spend his time skiing and skydiving.


Mitch Andrews
Adventure Central
Wapashuwi  Lodge
Columbus, OH

When Mitch isn’t at an OA event, he attends Ohio State University, where he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has earned his Eagle Scout rank, and enjoys the outdoors. He likes to hike and backpack, as well as ski. His favorite flavor of ice cream is cake batter, and he love pizza with bacon on it. Mitch has been to both OA Trail Crew at Philmont, and OA Ocean Adventure at the Florida Sea Base. He is excited to cheer on all the athletes on the USA team at the Olympics this summer.


Mike Gray
American Indian Events
Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge
Peoria, IL

Mike attends Bradley University where he is majoring in Organizational Communications. He enjoys running, dancing, waterskiing, and camping, as well as website development. His favorite snack is Buffalo wings. He would add “Determined” to the Scout Law, and his favorite Scouting memory is participating in the 2011 Indian Summer with his lodge’s drum and dance team. Mike would like to spend a day with Steve Jobs, because “he had such a great passion for innovation and details, which made Apple a consumer-centered company.” During the Olympics this summer, he will cheering on Michael Phelps and the rest of the USA swimming team. If the world is still here on December 21, 2012, Mike will eat a celebration sandwich with extra jalapenos.


Jordan Hughes
Inductions and Ceremonial Events
Lowwapaneu Lodge
New London, CT

Jordan attends University of Pennsylvania. Jordan likes listening to music and watching movies; his favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. His favorite memory of Scouting is attending the 2010 National Jamboree, and his favorite memory in the OA is attending the 2009 NOAC at Indiana University. One of Jordan’s favorite quotes is, “I have a perfect horror of words that are not backed up by deeds,” by Theodore Roosevelt. He is excited to cheer on all the athletes on the USA team at the Olympics this summer.

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