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Special Events


Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments
Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments
Goals & Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference

Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments:

Mike Kling - Conference Vice Chief
Robert Mason - Museum
Michael Bledsoe - Program/Gatherings
Justin Myers - Meals

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Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments:

Mark Chilutti - Lead Adviser
Tony Steinhardt - Lead Adviser
Steve Gaines - Museum Adviser
Craig Leighty - Museum Adviser
Jim Kinney - Program/Gatherings Adviser
Bob Chaballa - Meals Adviser
Jason P. Hood
Billy W. Walley

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Goals & Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference:

Whether you're looking for some OA history or to meet up with friends from ArrowCorp5 you can do it at Special Events. This committee offers unique, exciting, and memorable events to every participant at NOAC. Ranging from luncheons to gatherings to the museum, we offer a diverse slate of programs to serve the many tastes and backgrounds of Arrowmen. At events such as the OA High Adventure gathering, you can reconnect with friends from across the country. You will have the opportunity to meet the National leaders of the OA at events such as the VIA luncheons and 1st Time Attendee Gathering. You may also get the chance to have your picture taken with the National Chief and get your sash signed by all six national officers. To top it all off, we are hosting a massive Ice Cream Social on Wednesday after the Theme Show. Take some time and check out the cool Special Events that will unfold at this year's NOAC.

  • OA Museum
  • DSA Dinner
  • DSA Reception
  • Section Officer Luncheon
  • VIA Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast
  • Professional Staff Dinner
  • Goodman Society Luncheon
  • NOAC Band/Chorus
  • ArrowCorp5 Gathering
  • OAHA Gathering
  • Founders' Award Gathering
  • 1st Time Attendee Gathering
  • Lodge Adviser Coffee Talk
  • Chiefs' Corp Dinner
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Panoramic Picture
  • NOAC Participation Award
  • Geocaching

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Revised 4/7/2009


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