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NOAC 2004

NOAC 2004 Vigil Ceremony Evaluation Details

When entering the Vigil Ceremony evaluation, you will perform in front of a maximum of nine other participants and one NOAC Evaluation Staff Facilitator. All participants will arrive at the beginning of the evaluation period at the designated venue, check in with their Facilitator, and meet the other participants. One participant will perform the ceremony while the other participants and the Facilitator observe and evaluate. There will then be a short break so that all participants and the Facilitator have an opportunity to make comments and recommendations about the participant's performance.

We ask all participants to offer open, honest critiques of each participant's performance under the guidance of the Facilitator. This is the most valuable part of the process. All ceremonialists who fully participate in this process will leave NOAC prepared to inspire others with their new knowledge and deepened commitment to the ceremonies.

Vigil Ceremony Evaluation Procedures at NOAC 2004:

  1. Vigil Evaluations will take place Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 5:00 pm.
  2. A Facilitator will oversee each venue and coordinate the entire process from start to finish.
  3. A maximum of ten teams will be assigned to each venue.
  4. Only Vigil members will be permitted to view the Vigil Evaluations.
  5. Although some teams will be selected as Honor Teams, the focus of the Evaluation will be education and training.
  6. Teams must participate in the evaluation process at a venue for the entire evaluation period (1:00 5:00 pm) in order to be eligible to be an Honor Team.
  7. You will be expected to perform the Pre-Vigil Ceremony (pages 6 7) of the most current printing of the Ceremony for the Vigil Honor , BSA Number 34043A.

Please also refer to the General Information for Ceremony Evaluations.




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Revised 02/29/04