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NOAC 2004 General Information for Ceremonial Evaluations


The goal of the 2004 NOAC Ceremony Evaluations is to improve ceremonial performances and to maximize the quality of the induction experience for the candidate. Since the purpose of these evaluations is purely educational, there is no need for teams to be highly experienced to participate. Inexperienced teams should be able to improve significantly from participating in the evaluations. More experienced teams will benefit as well by observing some of the best teams in the country and receiving suggestions from the highly qualified Evaluation Staff. Evaluations will be done for Pre-Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil ceremony teams.

General Guidelines

The following general guidelines apply to all ceremony evaluations:

  1. All ceremony team members must be from the same lodge. Ceremonialists may perform with only one team per ceremony category. An individual may, however, perform in more than one category (i.e. a ceremonialist may perform on both a Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood team, but not on two Pre-Ordeal teams).
  2. All participants MUST be under 21 years of age on August 3, 2004.
  3. Lodges can enter as many ceremony teams in each category as they wish, pending the availability of Evaluators and venue sites.
  4. In accordance with the policies of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, the use of face and body paint is prohibited at all Ceremony Team Evaluations. The use of face or body skin coloring, or wigs in simulation of ethnic traits, is also not permitted. Appropriate undergarments should be worn under costumes.
  5. All ceremonial parts should be fully memorized.
  6. All participants must wear appropriate American Indian costumes. The American Indian Activities Staff will assist participants by evaluating their costumes and providing feedback. Teams are reminded not to show any disrespect, carelessness, or gross inappropriateness in their American Indian costumes.
  7. Extra people such as drummers, candidates and elangomats may be used to enhance a team's performance.
  8. The Evaluators will provide markers to indicate the locations of the fire and fire pots in the performance area. A burden will be provided for the Brotherhood Ceremony. No other props or materials will be provided. Ceremonial teams will have to provide any additional props they need.

If you have any questions about Evaluations, contact John Rotruck, Adviser for ICE Evaluations, at .


All ceremony team members should pre-register online at the NOAC registration web site. All ceremony teams must check-in on Saturday when their lodge contingent registers at NOAC. When the contingent leader or his representative checks-in, they will need to confirm each lodge team's schedule, and the name and spelling of each principal. Any changes or additions may be made at that time, but will slow down your lodge's check-in process. Please make every effort to ensure that all team members are registered properly online. An Inductions and Ceremonial Events (ICE) Staff member will be available throughout the on-site registration process to assist your lodge.

Ceremonial teams that do not check-in when their lodge contingent registers will be unable to participate in the Evaluations. Only pre-registered teams will be guaranteed a venue for an Evaluation.

Teams that have not pre-registered but would like to participate MUST check-in during their lodge contingent registration on Saturday. Teams may register on a first-come, first-served basis, and may be turned away due to space, time, and staffing constraints.





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Revised 02/26/04