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NOAC 2004 - Goodman Games NOAC 2004

Goodman Games
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Purpose: The purpose of the Goodman Games is to bring members of lodges closer together. The games and activities are designed to challenge the team to come together to accomplish a common goal. It is our hope that by the end of the Goodman Games each lodge has strengthened the bonds of Brotherhood among its members and will take that energy home to spread the higher realization of what Brotherhood is.

Setup: On the morning of Founders' Day, a parade will lead to the Founders Day opening ceremony. At the conclusion of the opening ceremony the Goodman Games field will be opened. Lodges will arrive at their assigned starting game to pick up their team packets. Lodges will only be permitted to do this at their assigned time. While the lodges are waiting for their assigned time they can explore TOAP or enjoy stage performances programmed in the Goodman Games area.

Sign up: Lodges can sign up for the Goodman Games at the NOAC event registration web site or they can sign up during the registration process on the first day of NOAC. Your assigned time will be given to you on the first day of NOAC.

Teams: Teams can consist of no more than six individuals. It is preferred that advisers team up with advisers and youth team up with youth. Each team will be given a participation card on the day of the games. Once they successfully complete the tasks on the card they can turn it in at the field headquarters for individual participation ribbons.

Volunteers: The Goodman Games Committee will utilize Founders' Day Ambassadors to assist with the set-up and operation of the games. If you are interested in providing service during the games, sign-up as a Founders' Day Ambassador.

Lodges need to pre-register for this event online at the NOAC event registration web site.


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Revised 06/14/04.