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NOAC 2004

The Outdoor Adventure Place - TOAP

Its back and it's going to be awesome. That's right everybody, TOAP will be at NOAC 2004. TOAP, which stands for The Outdoor Adventure Place, has all the outdoor adventure you need to help fill your time at NOAC.

TOAP will once again be having a variety of demonstrations on Leave No Trace, High Adventure, camping, and alternative cooking methods. The fun doesn't stop there; the area will also be packed full with disability awareness activities, climbing walls, fly fishing and COPE elements. Some new things you need to come and check out include the TOAP portage trail obstacle course, Mountain Man Area and the pioneering area.

Best of all, TOAP has a plethora of prizes from different vendors to be given away. Yes, you heard it right, hundreds of dollars worth of prizes. The prizes range from water bottles to pocket knives all the way up to backpacks and tents. You may even be the lucky winner of a sky box seat for the final NOAC 2004 show!

To be eligible for the prizes, you have to visit the TOAP area and drop off the prize coupon that you will receive at the beginning of the Conference. So, while you're walking around Iowa State wondering what to do, be adventurous and come visit TOAP. It's where it's at!!!




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Revised 04/30/04.