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National Council of Chiefs

Committee Members
Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference
What Makes the National Council of Chiefs So Cool

Committee Members:

Don Cunningham - 2001 National Chief
Carey Mignerey - 2000 National Chief
Jordan Hitchens - 2000 National Vice Chief
Ed Pease - Past National Chairman
Billy Walley - National Committee Vice Chair
Chris Boswell - National Committee
Bill Loeble - National Committee
Tom Moore - National Committee
Jonathan Hardin

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Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference:

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What Makes the National Council of Chiefs So Cool:

The region chiefs and the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow are inviting the Lodge Key Three members from across the country to attend a National Council of Chiefs (NCOC) meeting. Sessions will be presented evaluating the progress of the OA strategic plan, implementing program changes, and planning for the future. The region chiefs will conduct the sessions, and input will be sought from all participants on how to make it happen back home.

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