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The History and Recognitions Show

Arrowmen enter Assembly Hall for the History and Recognitions Show.The History and Recognitions Show  was held on Sunday night in Assembly Hall.  Entitled The Infinite Journey, it was a cavalcade of awards, warm wishes, and lofty ideals.

As the stands filled, Arrowmen danced to the pre-show music pumped throughout the arena. T-shirts where fired into the crowds with a compressed-air cannon and Arrowmen were selected for the "Skybox," a lush four-seat area where lucky Arrowmen could relax and watch the evening's show.

The show began with a sketch that reminded us that we are all on a journey through life.  An older gentleman was approached by a younger fellow.  When asked the time, the older gentleman stated that he knew where the younger fellow was going.  When the curiosity of the younger fellow was piqued, the older gentlemen said, “I am on the same journey as you--the journey that leads to the grave.”  All Arrowmen's lives share a common thread--we are all on a journey through life. 

As we all know, a journey is not about the destination just like life is not about death.  The second sketch reinforced this point as examples were given that demonstrated our commitment to and the importance of our journeys and our experiences.  Looking back on the experiences of our Founder, Dr. E. Urner Goodman, many examples of how the principles of the Order were discovered in this journey through everyday life. Stories were recounted such as that of a young Scout in Dr. Goodman's troop named Billy Clark that always smiled--even when he fell while carrying a loaded hospital bedpan.  There were stories about Goodman's encounters with Ernest Thompson Seton's ideas on using American Indian culture to build character in young people. We all face experiences that allow us to grow as we continue on the journey of life.

The stage before the show starts.

The show then turned to the presentation of the Distinguished Service Awards for 2002.  Thirty-eight Arrowmen were honored this year and 36 were present to receive the award.  For complete information on the recipients, go to Distinguished Service Awards.

Four people received the Red Arrow Award for distinguished service to the Order of the Arrow by either non-Scouters or Scouters who are not members of the Order of the Arrow.  For complete information on the recipients, go to Red Arrow Awards.

The E. Urner Goodman Camping Award was announced to honor two lodges in each region for outstanding effectiveness in promoting and increasing Scout camping. For complete information on the recipients, go to E. Urner Goodman Camping Award Recipients.

The National Service Award was announced in recognition of two lodges in each region that have performed outstanding service to their council. For complete information about recipients, go to National Service Award.

The show then offered Goodman's view of the true meaning of Brotherhood.  Goodman began speaking in the 1960's after retiring from the Boy Scouts.  He felt that it was important for our youth of that time to have role models and often used stories about astronauts to provide examples. One story was the reading of a letter from Astronaut and Arrowman James Lovell written in 1966 where Lovell shared his experience of looking down on the earth and noting that our daily problems seemed smaller from space.  Lovell went on to say that he wished his feelings from space could be brought down and shared with everyone on earth in hopes that we might be able to live in a world of peace. 

National Chief Clay Capp delivers his message on heroes.After a multimedia introduction, National Chief Clay Capp delivered a profound message on heroes. Clay talked of several heroes in his life including his brother Peter who battled a life-threatening disease last year, his predecessor as lodge chief Brad Goodwin, Arrowman Heydn Williams who lost his father as a young child, and fallen National Vice Chief Josh Sain who befriended Clay before dying in a tragic car crash.  Clay noted the many reasons that these people were heroes to him and then went on to note that everyone in the room was a hero to someone, even if they didn't know it.  Along with his heroes, he referenced Dr. Goodman, and how Dr. Goodman planted the roots of the Order. The Order has now grown into an enormous tree with strong roots and heartwood.  As a symbol of our Order's heritage, Clay announced that a tree will be planted from this conference forward on Founders Day and asked that all Arrowmen join him for this wondrous celebratory event.

Chief Scout Executive Roy L. Williams thanks the Order for its service.Chief Scout Executive Roy L. Williams, enchanted the audience with his warm wishes, and hearty thanks to all participants and staff who worked diligently to make this NOAC experience possible. Williams thanked the Order for the hard work, service, camp promotion and financial help that has been provided to the National Council and individual councils.

The evening concluded with reminders of the evening's journey.  Music warmed the thoughts of all Arrowmen as they left Assembly Hall with a renewed inspiration to experience the journey of life.

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